Steel Stairs Melbourne

Create Your Home Look Elegant And Classy With Steel Staircases

Staircases have become an important part of the decor of any interiors. They play an important part in modern contemporary interior. Staircases can be a part of the decor of your house or your office. There are a lot of styles and types of staircases you can choose from. Staircases are made of wood, ceramic, glass and steel. Steel staircases are the most popular ones out of all.

Steel Stairs Melbourne

Steel staircases give a classy and elegant look that no other staircase can give. These days, most commercial complexes have a staircase within the office.  Staircases are used for decorative purposes more than functional use. Steel staircases are the widely preferred due to their advantages including:

  1. Durability: Steel is the most durable of all materials. It is sturdy and can take heavy weights as well. The best part is that they do not undergo wear and tear. Stainless steel is one material which has a lifetime of over 15 Years. This makes these staircases
  2. Look: Steel gives a shiny look which complements the modern and contemporary design. Wood gives a mat finish look which makes it more traditional. Glass and ceramic go well with steel, but people do not usually prefer plain glass staircases as it can break easily which adds to its risk.
  3. Cost: Wooden staircases are durable, but they are extremely expensive. Price of wood has greatly increased due to varied factors. The next best alternative to wood is steel. Steel and stainless steel are comparatively cheaper and last longer. Stainless steel also does not have problems of rust. Steel staircases are accompanied with elements of glass.  Most people do not prefer staircases made of ceramic materials or plastic.

Here are some kinds of steel staircases you can choose from:

  • Plain Stainless Steel Staircase: This is the most basic kind of all. These are simple and elegant in look. They have the features of a basic staircase which is made from steel. The steps can be broad or narrow depending on the space that it is required in it.
  • Stainless Steel Staircases with elements of glass: These staircases are accompanied with elements of glass. Usually, the body of the staircase is made of steel and just the steps have a coating of glass. In some cases, the steps are joined with one another using glass. This adds a unique look to your steps.
  • Steel staircases with broad steps: In broader spaces, the steps have to be made in such a manner that it can cover the entire space.
  • Floating stainless steel staircases: This is the staircase of the new age. The steps are made in such a manner that it appears as if it’s floating. The steps are not connected to each other using any extra material. Their initial design is such that they are connected to both the rods in the corner.
  • Designer staircases: In the older days, staircases had just the functional aspect. They connected various floors of your houses together. These days, people who reside in bungalows or even in offices use staircases to make a statement. When you enter a bungalow or an office, the first thing that falls under your observation is the lavish staircase. They are not just ‘staircases’ anymore, they are a symbol of your style. They tell people how classy you are.

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