Benefits of commercial spray foam insulation for a commercial building

Commercial buildings range from warehouses and factories to restaurants and shops.

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Though all of them belong to different sectors, but they have one common thing i.e. the need for proper insulation. For a business owner, it’s necessary to manage the overhead expenditures related to the commercial building such as paying utility bills. The finances of a company will be greatly affected if there is a major rise in energy bills. Besides utility bills, business owners should also pay attention to their property’s structural integrity. This is why Bolair recommends commercial spray foam insulation for a commercial building. 

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Here it’s important to state that spray form insulation not only provides insulation, but also works as an air barricade, sealing cracks and crevices. As compared to spray foam, other insulation materials have failed to seal cracks effectively. So, by selecting commercial spray foam insulation, you can get remarkable performance as well as monetary benefits. Let’s have a look at its key advantages for a commercial building.

  1. Reduced energy consumption and economical energy bills

A spray foam insulation contains isocyanate and polyol resin.  Both these components widen when combined that’s why spray foam enhances the R-value of the whole building.

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It inflates and seals every opening when sprayed, such as rafters, support beams, or other areas that are prone to the air leak. When all thermal gaps are closed or sealed, you won’t require using HVAC equipment to maintain a comfy interior temperature. Sealing air leaks helps keep a comfortable inside temperature. Hence, there will be a decrease in energy costs.

  1. Soundproofing

Spray foam insulation also acts as a sound absorber and helps minimize sound pollution, both inside and outside the building. No matter whether a building is used for an office, factory, restaurant, or other commercial activity, it should be insulated to prevent the passing of sound through walls. So, prefer opting for spray foam insulation to provide a calm ambiance to your staff and customers.

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  1. Reinforces the building’s structural integrity

Commercial buildings need constant maintenance to ensure safety for individuals working in the building. Ongoing maintenance also helps protect business products and equipment. Commercial spray foam insulation reinforces the building’s structure and improves its lifespan. It’s because of the solid formation of spray foam that makes it last for several years. Also, the dense, thick cells of spray foam insulation prevent water vapor and mold growth.

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  1. Improves air quality

Indoor air quality plays a crucial role in commercial buildings. It’s important to keep out deadly pollutants like carbon monoxide, pollen, radon dust, and mold to help everybody breathe easily. Spray foam insulation provides air sealing and prevents the entrance of harmful air pollutants.

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