Benefits of silicone roof coating for commercial structures

Silicone roofing solution is well-known for its high quality. Still, not everyone knows about its benefits.

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One reason for this can be its high price. Some people feel that the cost is too high to look forward to other areas. But many facility managers would praise this choice. They think that its advantages are far too many for the cost that one needs to pay for it. So, here are some insights into why you can consider this as a choice for your commercial building. Let’s delve into them and then decide what you want to do.

Why choose silicone roofing coating?

Use of primer

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You don’t need to apply a primer after a silicone coating on the roof in most cases. It can go directly over the old roofing material through power washing. Due to this, it involves significantly less labor, and you get to save on labor costs.  Some less than five-year-old roofing systems with single-ply can still have a thin residue, preventing silicone from sticking to the surface. In that case, the professionals will most likely do adhesion tests to find out the solution. If you need help with silicone restoration, you can visit


The scientific formulation of the silicone makes it impervious to water accumulation than other coatings. As a result, they can be leak-proof and have their adhesion intact. Due to such characteristics, you can trust it not to get chalked away. It will not deteriorate so quickly and maintain its original form. However, they can wear down a bit with use. You can recoat them to fix the problem. Their heat resistance is another attribute you cannot ignore.

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Environment safety

Silicone solutions contain relatively less amount of VOC. These don’t catch fire, and even if they do, they cannot sustain fire for long because of the absence of fuel.  Such property makes these coatings one of the safest roofing materials in the markets. Hence, you can invest and install them tension-free.

Single coating

One of the best things about them is the solid content that makes them better than acrylic and other cheap solutions. Owing to this, only one coat of this can be adequate for your roof. It will not hamper the quality of your roof and its effectiveness. Because of this, you can again expect labor costs and time to go down. 

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Like these, several factors can help you select this as an option for your roofing structure. For a commercial establishment, you may not even need to look beyond it. And one main reason for this is its fire resistance. Since it doesn’t catch fire easily or keep it going for long, your facility can avoid many mishaps.  Plus, its durability is the other strength. You wouldn’t want to spend money on your roofing structure to an extent where it feels a burden. Although it can involve a high upfront cost, you can recoup the same over time. Anyway, before you decide anything, it will be better to consult the roofing experts and consider their opinion. They can guide you more accurately.


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