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Community residences are defining luxurious living in new ways

Community living has acquired a new meaning with the rise in the popularity of real estate located in a private setting, better known as community residences.

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These apartments have evolved over the years, and some real estate agents like Shannon deal exclusively with such properties located in North Naples, Florida. Providing better and exclusive high-end amenities with a flavor of community living has been the driving force behind the rise of community residences that promise to provide a resort-like living experience.   Architects and real estate developers are exploring new ways to expand their business by luring the wealthy and rich to invest in community residences to maximize their happy living experience amid luxury and pomp. 

modern bright house interior with furniture
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The home designs match the luxurious lifestyles of people ready to pay for an exquisite home that offers plenty of amenities and lifestyle options. From golf clubs to beaches and tennis courts and from fitness centers to community centers, spa, art studio, the facilities are exceptional, to say the least. The residences range from homes to condos with indoor and outdoor living spaces that replicate the enjoyments available in resorts but with complete privacy. 

Besides aiding high-end living, the gated community residences offer many other benefits.

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Community living at its best

Blending community living with a high level of privacy is one of the most visible benefits of community residences that ensure a pleasant and enjoyable lifestyle tailored according to the residents’ needs. Residents with different backgrounds, belonging to different age groups, and coming from different walks of life get the opportunity to reside alongside one another with the perfect understanding of enjoying their lives in their ways. The clubhouses and community centers provide enough mixing opportunities that develop bonding among the residents while maintaining privacy.  

Get rid of traffic infringements

Living in community residences is like living in your private estate, where you can casually walk around without any concern about passing traffic and speeding vehicles. The community follows its own rules to ensure peaceful living, and vehicles ply at low speed to ensure pedestrians and passersby’s safety. You can walk, jog or cycle around the campus without worrying about accidents from vehicles. You can stroll safely across the premises regardless of the time of the day or at night, and children too can enjoy the same freedom.

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Eco-friendly living

The community residences provide eco-friendly living environments by creating a lot of greenery surrounding the buildings and lots of open spaces planned meticulously for ensuring healthy living. The absence of commercial establishments and activities in the vicinity helps maintain a pollution-free environment that improves health. Many community residences are now using alternative energy sources by harnessing the power of the sun, wind, and rain that does a lot of good for the environment by reducing carbon emissions. 

Community residences provide ample opportunity to fulfill luxurious living pleasures, including using private beach access to the community. Living in a well-planned resort-like environment is like getting the best of both worlds. 


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