Best Travel Advice From 21 Years of World Travel

In the year 2000, it all began with a five-week trip to Thailand.

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We fell in love with travel, but we’ve experienced our share of misfortunes along the way. We made a lot of travel errors, from being flown from the Amazon to getting lost on Swiss Rail. So, based on what we’ve learned over the past 21 years of touring the world, we’ve put up this thorough list of our top travel advice.

From cycling across Africa to driving a vehicle from England to Mongolia, we’ve done it all. We learned a lot during the last two decades by traveling to 115 countries on our own, with groups, on guided tours, and for work.

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So, when we can all get back on the road, are you ready to make the most of your travels? Let’s get started with these best travel suggestions for 2022 travel throughout the world!

Debit and credit cards are the fifth and sixth options.

Notify your bank and credit card issuers of your trip intentions before you go. They may freeze your credit cards if they identify a purchase made outside of the United States. Also, make sure you have a variety of cards on you.

Even after telling our banks about our trip intentions, our debit card was stopped in Cuba, we were robbed at an ATM in Istanbul, and our credit card was blocked in Sudan. We tried three different banks and credit cards in Sri Lanka before we were able to withdraw money from an ATM. To be prepared for all of the aforementioned reasons, it’s a good idea to have a few different cards from several banks on hand.

Take a Lot of Self-Portraits

Dave and I were always self-conscious about asking others to photograph us. And now there is only a handful of us left. Request that other visitors snap photographs of you in front of famous landmarks across the world. Also, make sure it’s not simply a selfie. We began taking selfies and discovered that they all turned out to be the same. Now is the time to get those great photographs and start creating memories. Then print out a few of them. Don’t simply save them to your phone or computer; create prints to hang in your house to recall you’re incredible trip experiences.

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Don’t Go Head-to-Head with Other Passengers

You’re aware of who they are. The travel snobs who feel compelled to brag about where they’ve gone, what they’ve done, and with whom they’ve done it. What does it matter? You should go on a trip! Don’t allow somebody to make you feel guilty about where you’ve been or what you’ve done by pressuring you to attempt something you don’t want to. Those that strive to outdo your experiences should be ignored. You don’t have to see them again if you don’t want to, which is one of the best things about touring the world.

Keep personal hygiene (especially oral)
This is a very underrated tip but it is very important. According to a  dentist in Phoenix,  oral hygiene is very important, for both mental and physical health. That’s why you should consider it.

Be adaptable

This leads us to the next point: be flexible with your plans. It’s vital to plan your journey across the world, but it’s equally crucial to remain open to new opportunities. We’ve revised our plans when traveling companions suggested we join them in Borneo to climb Mount Kinabalu.

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It turned out to be the finest decision we’d ever made. While sitting on a Malaysian island, I met individuals who were on their way to KL to observe Thaipusam. We had no idea what Thaipusam was, but we went along with them and witnessed the most incredible and startling event on the planet.

We would not have had such incredible memories if we had opted to stick to our plans and stick to a strict timetable.

Trust Your Gut Feelings

If a rickshaw or cab journey appears to be too good to be true, it most likely is! It’s crucial to remember to trust your instincts when traveling. During our trip, we visited several local families. We’ve been invited to dinner and indoor tea at several homes, and we nearly always accept. Most of the time, folks are beautiful and welcoming.

But we’ve also declined the number of invites. The invitations that feel dubious are almost certainly dodgy. If we have second thoughts, we trust our instincts. Things have gone awry whenever we have gone against our inner instincts.

Don’t Let Down Your Guard
Since we’ve been conned out of money, found ourselves in a dangerous position, or been robbed, we might reflect on the mistakes we made by not trusting our intuition. When individuals let their guard down, they make a lot of travel blunders. When visiting the world, you must be as clever as you are at home. Don’t party till the early morning and then walk home alone, and don’t get into cars with strangers.

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Don’t Put Yourself in Danger – Think Before You Act

Dave and I have embarked on several amazing adventures throughout our lives, and more importantly, we have enlisted the assistance of specialists when we have needed it. Many individuals do ridiculous things for the “gram” or to post on social media.

Don’t climb towers only to brag, and don’t go on excursions you’re not qualified for. We weren’t equipped to undertake many of our great journeys on our own. We would have died if we had climbed the Arctic Watershed alone. However, with the help of skilled mentors, we learned new skills and completed life-changing tasks all over the world safely and enjoyably.


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