Top 10 Luxurious Bathroom Brands In UK 2022

The frothy feeling of a warm bubble bath against your skin whilst you are relaxing amidst a luxurious bathroom, designed with high-quality marble, tiles, and another bathroom furniture fitted all around creates an enchanting look.

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Undoubtedly the feeling can be described as an ultimatum of relaxation, quite appropriately a decadent of comfort. Unfortunately, if your bathroom furniture is not up to the mark, creating that place of solace for you to loosen yourself at the end of the day, nothing mentioned in the above will ever come true.

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Your bathroom décor is as important as decorating any other room in your home. It is considered to be a mandate to design a bathroom in a way that reflects an image of peace, comfort, and evokes a sense of pampered feeling whenever you step into it. There are several ways in which you can assure yourself a comfortable bathroom, however, it all starts with assessing and reassessing the developments in and around you. Today’s bathroom designs are filled with high-end inspiration that focuses mainly on creating a sumptuous space where you can rewind yourself and experience a sense of holiness, no matter the purpose. Besides shopping for sleek vanity units, bathtubs, and mirrors. There are several other bathroom furniture that can help you create a design unmatched by others.

Have you ever stepped into a five-star hotel and visited a washroom and felt it’s better than your living room? Well, those designs may be high priced but a similar outlook can be achieved even within the budget. At nationwide bathrooms we offer several brands to choose from that can accustom your monetary estimation and help you to create a design you have been longing for. All the items listed under our luxury bathroom collection have been carefully curated along with images to help you with an appropriate design idea. 

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Why Have A Luxurious Bathroom At All?

The answer is simple. In today’s rigorous working conditions, and the emergency the world is in, self-care will only make your home healthier. Creating a master bathroom has never been more important than today, however not intend to spend huge but to have a unique space for yourself and your family. A well-decorated bathroom not only does wonders for your physical wellness but also keeps your mind healthy. Having a luxurious bathroom does not only relate to a minimalistic design or a state-of-the-art technology installed, it also relates to a unique feature that is rare to find, even if it doesn’t cost much. In this article, we have listed Major Bathroom Manufacturers Brands that are easy to emulate. They are quick, offer high-quality products, and modern bathroom designs is that can bring you dividends over time. In today’s high-end world, having a unique design approach is not difficult, but certainly not that easy. As such we have made it easy for you so you have everything in one place. 

Heritage Bathrooms

Whether we like to talk about it or not, the time we indulge ourselves in our bathrooms does keep us held for the rest of the day. Most of us have the most intimate moments of our in the bathroom and therefore to have a well-decorated bathroom space is a pre-eminent feature of having a modern home. Today’s bathrooms must be designed keeping in mind luxury and comfort, however without putting pressure on the pocket. It all starts with having the perfect space in the perfect design, installing furniture and fittings, and finally covering it all up using luxurious materials like wallpapers, tiles, marbles, mirrors, and the like. Heritage Bathrooms is one such luxurious bathroom brand that has been creating modern bathrooms for decades in the United Kingdom. Their high-quality products designed using high-quality craftsmanship have been able to prove 1 million dreams true. At nationwide bathrooms we offer a curated list of heritage bathroom items to help you suit your needs, be it vanity, furniture, or a bathtub – Heritage bathrooms has it all covered for you.

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Imperial Bathroom

A sophisticated bathroom should not be suffering from broken furniture and leaking faucets. Before anything else, it is important to ensure that every item fitted to your bathroom is for the long run. At times, high-quality designs may seem lucrative without involving too much in the assurance of the brand. In such cases, there are high maintenance charges where you need to replace an item now and then. Give away such hassle and take your time in building your bathroom using imperial bathroom furniture. At imperial bathrooms, you get handcrafted perfection in the finest British tradition. All of the items are created using precious craftsmanship that has been serving generation after generation. All of the bathroom furniture and fittings have been designed using the latest ideas technology with uncompromising quality. If you dream to live the imperial way, try out the furniture from imperial bathrooms today.

Duravit Bathroom

A well-decorated bathroom, luxurious or not, goes a long way when it comes to operational efficiency and functionality. If you have many members living in your home or guests visiting you frequently, having a perfectly decorated bathroom with modern furniture and technologies is pre-eminent. Whether you have the perfect tiles matching the furniture, or your furniture adhering to the marbles, the aesthetics of your bathroom should reflect a convenient design and style that’s unmatched in terms of grace and quality. Try the Duravit bathroom furniture that can create ever-present change. The Duravit bathroom furniture creates a special effect in one place. If you prefer a new attitude towards life every day, recharge your batteries with modern technologies and furniture that can help you reinvent and unwind.

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Roca Bathroom

Who knew technology could produce sensors that can help you control air, water, and sunlight? Did you know that you do not always have to install faucets and pipelines to help water travel through the pumping system? Well, it’s all magic and divine technology that bathroom furniture by Roca is bringing to your doorstep. When it comes to high-quality technologically advanced bathroom fittings and furniture, Roca has been the global leader. All of its products are a benchmark to how modern furniture can be. If you are in the line to compete with change every day, try Roca bathroom furniture and have your dream bathroom today.


If your vision and perspective can accept a broader spectrum in terms of designing your home, witness change, and technology seeping under your skin with Laufen bathroom furniture. Given that home, isolation is no longer restricted to a place or a region, a bathroom designed using Laufen bathroom furniture makes a considerable change and adapts to the new habits every day. The most prominent bathroom furniture that can help you manage human waste and home isolation is toilet seats. The Laufen toilet seats are a miraculous creation allowing your bathroom space to reinvent itself, whether you go for a floor-standing toilet, a wall-hung toilet, or only for the cisterns – every design is a unique creation. Check out our list of Laufen toilet seats before they stock out.

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Kudos Showers

It doesn’t matter whether you choose basic furniture to be installed or something that is nowhere found, what is necessary is the aesthetics. It is important to have furniture and fittings that go with the entire decoration of your bathroom and does not stand out to be an odd one out. For example, if you plan to change your showerhead to something modern, or is found to gain popularity these days – the one you can install must master the existing decor of your bathroom, especially if you have a shower panel, a bath screen, or a bathtub. You can also have a wall-hung shower as well as a handheld shower to increase the design. On a similar note, if your bath screens have worn out and are now creating a depressive look inside, at nationwide bathrooms we have a range of kudos bath screens to help you regain the statics of your bathroom space. The products manufactured by Kudo showers are of the highest quality and recognized across the UK. The products are hand-built in the factories with high-quality standards and every item is inspected before dispatch, choose one from Kudo‘s showers today.


Bathrooms are not only about the furniture and fittings but also the storage space, the walkable area, and the lighting. What not do we keep in our bathroom? Besides shampoos and conditioners, we also have the habit of storing our medicines, the first things we eat empty stomach, toiletries, gadgets and so much so that we almost make it a habitable space so we do not have to wander around the entire house in search of important items. Every bathroom must meet the storage as well as the lighting conditions appropriately to give it a fascinating outlook. With Burlington bathroom accessories, all your storage and lighting requirements can be fulfilled in one spot. Whether it’s a white vanity or golden pipelines or brassware, all of it at one place to create the perfect traditional bathroom scenario with technologically advanced products. 

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If you are no longer seeking the basics, it’s time to upgrade to something rare and common at the same time. The Jacuzzi Bath in the United Kingdom is one such addition to a bathroom that can instantly revamp the existing condition and help you maintain a certain standard for as long as you use it. Besides, the décor, the warmth of the water within the jacuzzi also helps your body heal and sink in better. You must be thinking when you have ordinary baths that can perform the same function why use a Jacuzzi? Well, considering a worthy investment if you have health issues and need hydrotherapy, a Jacuzzi is the best option. You can simultaneously enhance your daily bathing experience and feel more rejuvenated.


Are you in the run to de-clutter your master bathroom and create an expensive-looking bath space? Is your bath space confined to a small area but do you want a décor that can bring an illusion of a bigger bath? Well, start with changing your toilet seats. That’s right, often as misconception toilet seats are ignored because of their conventional styles or the lack of idea about what’s new in the market. To help you with the design, try the Silverdale toilet seats at nationwide bathrooms and live life in the modern style. The Silverdale bathroom furniture  creates a luxury walk-in space just like you desire. You can also enhance it with other Silverdale bathroom accessories and have an all-in-one place to relax and loosen at the end of the day.

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Texture and colour go hand-in-hand with bathroom furniture and fittings. A great way to upgrade your overall bathroom appearance can start with upgrading your taps. Although a basic component, taps are more often than not left out while planning a bathroom. Most people consider having the basic ones and focus more on spending on the colour or the marbles. Well, taps are one-of-a-kind bathroom furniture that can easily upgrade the outlook within your budget, whether you use brasswares, simple metal, or advanced technological items with sensors – taps are a preeminent component of a bathroom. At nationwide bathrooms, we offer a curated list of Vado bathroom taps that work like magic, while adhering to your existing bathroom design and giving you a timeless feel. You can opt for chrome fixtures and fittings or simple yet modern designs. The high-quality taps, showers and other bathroom accessories by Vado are a sober choice when considering branded bathroom furniture. 


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