Brief Study on Five Picturesque Vertical Gardens: An Overview

The growing density of population of the cities has led to the increase in number of buildings which in result have led to the projection of a space with lack of greenery. To change the picture, the revolutionary concept of vertical gardening has got immense acceptance all over the world. This is regarded as a beneficial solution for beautifying the space in a different manner and ensures a sustainable living.


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Significance of Vertical Gardening 

The vertical gardening process is surely not a new one, however, in recent times, it has gained more popularity. The vertical garden mainly is filled with plants and crops and consists of a growing medium like soil and casts an integrated and efficient water delivery system. As per the words of Patrick Blanc, the creator of this phenomenal concept, with an eye on the fact of the rapid climatic changes and increase in deforestation, anything with an ability to evoke the nature is considered as extremely sacred. As being recommended by the experts, vertical gardening is an ideal way to green the walls and roofs for supporting biodiversity and improvising the air quality. Here is an overview given about some of the alluring and renowned infrastructures all over the world with vertical gardens.Natural-Gardens

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Central Park, Australia

Situated in Sydney, Australia, this residential tower is acclaimed as the tallest vertical garden across the world. The renowned garden designer and botanist, Patrick Blanc has coated two buildings with a height of 380 feet each in green. These were done by planting a number of vines and plants which climbed up to the building’s glass façade.Vertical-Garden

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Clearpoint Tower, Sri Lanka

Constructed by Milroy Perera associates and Maga Engineering, this beautiful 46 storey building is sheathed in foliage so as to ensure that not even an inch of the surface remain exposed to sunlight directly thereby reducing the impact of solar heat and serving as a natural cooling solution. The plants act as an air purifier which is watered on a regular basis with the help of an automatic irrigation system.

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One Bligh Street, Australia

Located in Sydney, Australia, this praiseworthy piece of infrastructure displays a 377 square meter green wall. The Ingenhoven Architects which is a renowned architectural firm developed this project with a strategic focus to make it ‘uniform green’ and with a theme of simplicity.

Park Royal, Singapore

This masterpiece created by the WOHA Architects has got huge recognition in the World Architecture Festival on 2013. The Park Royal Hotel is an infrastructure which is comprised of beautiful gardens, green pathways and water features. This 12 storey building is filled with compelling waterfalls and planter terraces.

Palacio De Congresos Europa, Spain

The firm Urbanarbolismo has designed this alluring piece of beauty of Spain. This building is filled with almost 33000 native plants ranging from the vertical orchard in centre to wetland plant life in the south and plants of forestry in the mountain Vitoria at the extreme north of the building.

The concept of vertical gardening is a worthy choice to regulate the temperature in a proper manner and henceforth have gained a wide acceptance all over the world. There are a number of buildings being filled with vertical gardens in Australia which enables to improvise the air quality of both the indoor and outdoor space thereby providing a better living.

Author’s Bio: Simon Hopes is an eminent writer who has written a number of write-ups related to the significance of vertical gardening for a sustainable living. He informs his readers about the potency of vertical gardens of Australia to make the place more green and sustainable.


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