Bring Magic and Color to Your Room with Living Pixels Lamps

We love creative designs! This splendid collection of lamps entitled “Living Pixels” is a very interesting design project envisioned by Hong Kong -based group of designers from SDWorks (Chan Wan Ki Kay, Chen Siu Wa Shai Chai, and Suen Ka Hei Catherine) that rank high in originality, as well as in functionality. They were certainly looking for less ordinary approaches when starting this project if we think that recycled advertising banners are the material used to create these appealing, colorful volumes of light and texture.


To give that unique  three-dimensionality to the material and to build that cloud-looking perfect irregular shapes, the designers took the right advertising banners that were printed on only one side and cut them into small pieces and then combined them to design each light shade individually. They sort out matching colors and sew each banner swatches by hand, creating a balloon of multi-colored light that emerges from the inside and generates a vivid luminous pattern through holes left intentionally with this purpose. When the lights are off, they look white and maybe not so attractive, but switch them on and you’ll see a spectacular play of colors that bring magic and create a pleasant atmosphere in your room due to the fact that each element of these lampshades patchwork allow differences in light shade. The lampshades are attached to vintage lamp stands and feature low-energy-consuming lightbulbs.

Photos © SDWorks


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