Smart Multi-Purpose Lounge Chair Design -LLSTOL

Simple yet comfortable, LLSTOL showcases an interesting and efficient multi-purpose lounge chair design envisioned by Slovenian architect student Luka Locicnik. This creative idea came up during a design workshop at the Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana, Slovenia and looking to develop a chair using minimal resources, Luka Locicnik  managed after one year of research, tests and material support, to manufacture the LLSTOL chai,r adaptable to multiple uses. Two identically “L” shaped elements from moulded plywood are combined creating a multifunctional furniture piece suitable for any modern interior décor thanks to its minimalist and elegant design.


Easy to assemble in a variaty of furniture types, LLSTOL can be configured as lounge chair, shelving, coffee table, rest support, drawing board, bench or landscape, and the fact that it can be folded and stored in a small place, makes it ideal especially for small apartments where as we all know, every inch counts. It can also be used as an extra seat when you have guests. Made entirely of quality beech wood, which is the most common type of wood in Slovenia, and coated with matte lacquer, the chair is designed for both private and public indoor settings such as private residences, student dormitories, coffee shops, book shops, libraries, galleries, etc. New variants are to be taken into consideration in the future to give clients the opportunity to customize the chair. It is possible to be made from different materials, have various perforations, colors and even textile accessory. Lovely project, what do you think?


Moulded-plywood-chair Multi-purpose-chair-in-coffee-shop

Multi-purpose-lounge Versatile-wooden-chair Wooden-chair-in-libraryPhotos © Matej Gruden, Blaž Jamšek


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