Can you Drink Powerade when Pregnant?

Many gynecologists recommend drinking water during pregnancy. On average, you must drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water daily. Remember that your body loses more water as you are peeing all the time. But you may not want to drink water all the time, do you have other options? Sure, the best fluids recommended by most doctors are:

Sports Drinks During Pregnancy

Many pregnant women go to see gynecologists at their clinic with signs of dehydration and electrolyte imbalance and depletion. A large percentage of pregnant women don’t realize that water alone during pregnancy is not enough to properly hydrate them. 

Pregnant women need to have electrolytes to properly hydrate themselves and carry fluids around their bodies properly. Even normal people do need electrolytes to properly hydrate their bodies as well. But, bear in mind, there are also different food dyes in many sports drinks. 

Therefore, pregnant women should drink them in moderation. Also, additives like sweeteners, colorings, or flavorings in sports drinks are not ideal to keep having during pregnancy. However, sports drinks with electrolytes are, indeed, safe to consume during pregnancy, some women experience the perfect sweet taste in mouth all the time.

Why Powerade Zero?

Powerade in a moderate amount is safe during pregnancy and may help with morning sickness or nausea. A registered dietitian and clinical instructor of dietetics at Missouri State University said that some pregnant women may experience leg cramps during pregnancy. 

She said if this happens to you too, try a sports drink, as the electrolytes and fluid will help alleviate the cramp. Even if, during pregnancy, you do not experience leg cramps, sports drinks fortified with electrolytes are a good choice to hydrate you properly. 

Furthermore, a team composed of board-certified OBGYNs claims that sports drinks such as Gatorade, and Powerade are one of the best choices to hydrate properly. Always aim to choose a lower sugar and calorie Powerade flavor. 

Experts suggest that the best type of Powerade to drink when pregnant is Powerade Zero. It does not have sugar in it and has fewer calories. However, the drink still contains sweeteners like sucralose. Therefore, it should only be an option if you can’t stomach other options like water.

When to Take Electrolytes During Pregnancy?

The following are signs to take in more electrolytes during pregnancy:

Feeling Thirsty All the Time

If you feel thirsty all the time even after drinking lots of fluid, it might be a sign that you need more electrolytes. Powerade zero may help you in electrolytes depletion. Contact your doctor for further advice about this matter.

Swelling Limbs

When your limbs and other parts of your body are swelling up, take in more electrolytes. Although in almost every pregnancy, this is fairly a normal sign, it might be due to fluid not being transported properly. A sports drink with electrolytes might be of some help. 


If you are still not moving your bowels properly after taking adequate fiber then this might be caused by electrolytes depletion and fluid imbalance. 


You can experience a headache from being dehydrated. Therefore, make sure you are hydrated properly. Powerade zero may help ensure adequate hydration. 

High Blood Pressure

Sports drinks that have electrolytes and magnesium may help you in regulating blood pressure. 

Morning Sickness 

Depletion of electrolytes may not be the ultimate reason for your morning sickness, and in some cases, all-day sickness, but they can help you when you have been vomiting and are nauseous. 

The Bottom Line

All in all, if hydration is a primary issue you face during pregnancy, as such, the solution is to consume more water. 

We do understand that this can be boring after a while. Therefore, occasionally enjoy a moderate amount of Powerade Zero during your pregnancy but make sure you consult your doctor. 


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