How to keep a Cigar Fresh without a Humidor?

If you enjoy purchasing and smoking cigars, you already know how important it is to store them properly to keep them fresh. If you do not store them, your cigars may suffer from over-humidification, cracks, and drying out. 

That’s never a pleasant experience and you should do your best to protect them as much as possible.

As Cuban cigars are expensive, no cigar aficionados would want his cigars to lose their original freshness. They would know that keeping them in an electric cigar humidor is key to saving their bucks. 

Although many use an electronic cigar humidors for keeping the cigars in fresh condition with ease, there are some cigar lovers who keep them fresh without the use of any humidor. 

Ways to Keep Cigar Fresh Without Humidor

Sometimes, we do not have an electric humidor or we can’t afford any humidor whatsoever. We wonder, is there any alternative way to store our cigars while keeping them fresh and minimizing damage as much as possible? 

Let’s face it, whether an electric cigar humidor or a simple one, humidors are pricey. Therefore, if you can find a suitable substitute, what is there for you to lose? You can simply use a few inexpensive items that can be commonly found around the house and you will be on your way to making your own “humidor”. In this simple guide, we will let you know some great, inexpensive, short-term methods to keep your cigar fresh. 

Disposable Bags

One of the easy and affordable ways to store a cigar or five is by putting them in a disposable bag. Yes, you heard that right. 

Just visit a premium cigar shop in your area to see if they carry disposable bags. 

Those bags can store your cigar and keep them fresh for a certain period. Cigar disposable bags are specially designed to hold up to 20 or 25 cigars at a time. 

These bags are guaranteed to keep your cigars fresh for almost 6 months. Now, the average price of these bags is around $20 or so. 

Just to be sure, remember to check in on the cigars occasionally.

Tupperware Box

For something a little equal to cigar disposable bags, you can use a Tupperware box. The box might not protect your cigars for as long as the above disposable cases do, but they will do a good job too. 

They are especially useful if one has a bigger cigar collection. You can even add humidity to the box to keep your cigars in their fresh condition by just putting a sponge in the box along with cigars.

You can place your cigars in an airtight Tupperware box and use distilled water instead of tap water. This will allow you to reduce the risk of mold growing inside the box and infecting your treasured cigars. 

Remember that tap water has chances to have chemicals that may affect the taste and flavors of the cigars. 

A Box

If you can smoke all of your cigars within a month then you can have a simple box. Keep all your cigars in the box that they came in and store them in a cool and dark space. In this way, the cigars will last for about a month. Isn’t that better than buying an expensive electric cigar humidor?

A Mason Jar With Moisture Beads

The method is similar to the common way of storing the cigars in a jar. You may opt to store the cigars in a mason jar filled with water. Add in a round disk filled with moisture beads that can be purchased at almost every hardware store. 

Instead of a sponge, use moisture beads in a mason jar. The average price of moisture beads is around $10 only. 

All these inexpensive hacks are a wonderful way to create your own humidor instead of buying an expensive electric cigar humidor. 


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