How to hide a dog crate in your lounge?

In general, many dog owners loathe the big ugly dog crates lying in their lounge. Most people try to place them in a room so that when guests or relatives come over, they do not have to see them. But, you, as the pet owner may not want to look at them either. You have your reasons for it and this simple guide will help you in sorting this issue out! 

Ideas to Hide a Dog Crate in the Lounge

One does not have to make a dog crate that should look like a typical dog crate. One can easily make a fantastic dog crate for their dog from a collection of decorative dog crates available on the world wide web, including very attractive wooden dog crates. 

Now, we know that everyone loves their dogs and wants them to be safe. 

Of course, nobody would like the idea of them feeling like they are in some sort of jail cell. This simple guide will not only help create a dog crate that can be easily hidden but will also provide some fantastic ideas for creating amazing crates for your dogs. 

Here are some ideas to hide a dog crate:

  • Under a Table 

You can easily hide your dog crate in your lounge by creating a table dog crate. A wooden dog crate can be built into the shape of a table that you can easily place in your lounge. 

The table can vary by the size of the crate. If you think the top of the crate is not flat then simply place a piece of wood or sturdy cardboard on top. To make the wooden dog crate more attractive, cover the entire crate with fabric or a tablecloth. 

You can also add a lamp and some knick-knacks to make it look more stunning. With this idea, you now have a dual-purpose table.

  • Under a Nightstand 

The second idea is to hide your dog crate in your lounge through building a nightstand dog crate. Similar to the above notion, find a wooden table, that is tall enough for your dog crate to fit underneath, or you can custom build a wooden dog crate. To hide it, add a curtain so that when not in use, it does not detract from the rest of the lounge. 

  • Under the Stairs

One can also hide a dog crate by utilizing the under-the-stair dead space. You can build a dog crate under stairs and can ensure that it will look amazing. To hide it, simply add a curtain over it or even build a door.  

  • Extra Seating 

If you are one of those who have more than one dog, then there is a simple solution to hide all the dog crates altogether. What you can do is build a bench to go over the crates. Simply, create an extra seating space for the lounge area in the house. But if you find your dog is of a smaller stature then  build a coffee table. 

Right Size For Dog Crate

In general, you will be able to find a recommendation chart in crate sizes for different dog breeds. On those charts, look up the specific information that is suitable for your particular dog.

Usually, the charts contain general guidelines that are based on the adult canine breeds.  Make sure the pet has enough room in the crate for it to move around comfortably. And if you are building a wooden dog crate, make sure the crate must be 6 inches longer than its body length, as well as 6 inches higher than the adult dog’s height. 

That’s the gist of the matter, it is possible to hide a dog create in your longe with a bit of creativity.


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