Ceramic Pendant Lamps with Unique Design

Step out of the box with these ceramic pendant lamps that can be anything but ordinary. Sphere-shaped, quite simple in their appearance, they are actually showcasing a unique and interesting design when you look more closely, a design that evoke curiosity and generate a special feeling. Handmade, the SpongeUP lamps consists of an uneven, porous surface similar to a sponge where the light slips through, creating an amazing lighting effect to interiors.

This very particular look created by Spanish designer Miguel Angel García Belmonte of POTT makes from SpongeUP lamps a great alternative to other similar traditional pendant lamps, to beautify any room of your house. Coming in various colors, they are lovely in their simplicity, spreading a warm light through the sponge-like pattern and judging by third image, we can say they look also very stylish and modern, when they are turned on. No wonder that the entire aesthetics of a room can by defined by a pendant lamp that adds just the right amount of light. It’s a suprising choice for a dining room or a kitchen, providing a great visual impact.

 Photos source @designshell.com

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