Charming Tuscan Villa Embodies Rustic and Elegant Design

Tucked away in the Tuscan hills lies a design treasure: a grand villa that boasts a pastoral elegance combined with modern interior accents for an Italian design dream

Rombolino bathroom

What once was perched atop a hill as a farmhouse, has been transformed into a modern day design dream. This magnificent and aesthetically tantalizing villa located in the countryside of Val d’Orcia, Italy, has been recently restored and refurbished, while still maintaining strong hints of its historical character.

Rombolino BedThe estate is composed of the main villa and accompanying annex, an ancient barn that has been fully renovated to include a playroom, state of the art gym and relax area.Rombolino Bedroom

If we explore the inside of this exquisite estate, we find exposed wooden ceiling beams that highlight the subtle rustic elegance of the property along with stone-encased archways leading to the dining and kitchen areas. Wooden unfinished wardrobes give a raw, primal feel to the interior along with other wooden accents: intricately carved bedposts, hope chests and shelves, all with a slightly rudimentary look for a big design impact. Most of the rooms still feature original architecture, small windows and stone archways.Rombolino Kitchen

It is, however, the minimalist interior design of this Tuscan villa that makes it so exquisite. With no shortage of space, it is a property that boasts six bedrooms and four living rooms, all featuring their own unique and characteristic design. Two living rooms find themselves equipped with cosy fireplaces, one featuring a minimalist design with suspended shelves from the wooden beams accented by simple light fixtures.Rombolino living

Color schemes have also been particularly chosen to accent the pastoral beauty that lies within this property, with rich earth tones enveloping each room: deep orange and muted yellow walls offset the natural hues of the chosen furniture and are a lovely compliment to the antique terracotta floor tiles.Rombolino1

A truly stunning aspect that we find in these refurbished villas are the modern facilities, mainly in the kitchen and the bathroom. Italians always give the most importance to the kitchen, and the interior design of this Tuscan villa has done no less with its state-of-the-art kitchen, still maintaining its rustic appeal with a wood stove. Bathrooms feature exquisite marble in earth tones set against the antique detailing of the wooden ceiling beams.Rombolino2

No Tuscan villa is of course complete without ample outdoor space to take in the true beauty of the surroundings: the lush hills of Val d’Orcia that stretch from Siena to Monte Amiata surround this property. Whether simply appreciated for its design or enjoyed as a holiday home for an Italian vacation, it is a certain treasure that transports you to a truly enchanting place.


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