Rustic Industrial Bathrooms

If you watch a lot of home renovation shows on TV or enjoy flipping through design magazines, you’re well aware that “industrial rustic” is trending in the interior design world these days.

Not sure what we’re talking about? Industrial rustic might sound like a bit of a style conflict and it kind of is—but it’s a conflict that totally works! Think contrasting elements, like vintage patterns, alongside hard edges and cold metal textures alongside warm wood finish. The effect is certainly eclectic, but it can be truly stunning! Best of all, since industrial rustic is all about “unfinished” finishes and mixing and matching, it can be one of the most affordable interior design themes!

If you’re ready to incorporate an industrial rustic theme into your home, the bathroom is a great place to start! Let us share a few ideas with you about how to design the industrial rustic bathroom of your dreams.

  1. Connecticut Barn Refurbished by New York Practice S. Russell Groves

The streamlined bathroom and white walls in this bathroom would be sterile on their own, but the natural wood rafters and rustic stone tiling on the floor warm up the space. A perfect example of how two clashing styles can complement each other perfectly!Rustic-Industrial-Bathrooms

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  1. Lodge Style Bathroom

Between the antique dressing table and exposed wood paneling, this bathroom incorporates more rustic design elements than industrial. That said, the distinctly modern sink and features add a nice industrial contrast and gives the whole room a lot more texture.Rustic-Industrial-Bathrooms-1

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  1. Masculine and Edgy Rustic/Industrial Bathroom by Carla Aston

Nothing is more rustic than natural wood finish and beaming, but that’s about the only rustic thing in this bathroom. The hard edges, slate accent wall, and straight lines in this design give off an industrial vibe that’s masculine and edgy. You can add more character to your bathroom with metal decorations.Rustic-Industrial-Bathrooms-2

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  1. Hillside Retreat Modern Bathroom by Witt Construction

This bathroom is about as minimalist and industrial as it gets, but the cobblestone-like tiling and natural wood sink base complements the space with a beautifully warm and rustic vibe. We love the contrast of the worn and tattered white washcloth with the modern art style of the hanging light fixture! This is a true example of how completely opposing styles can play off one another to bring out the best of both elements!Rustic-Industrial-Bathrooms-3

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  1. Transitional Master Bathroom with Skylight

Industrial rustic is most commonly associated with bohemian and masculine designs, but this isn’t always the case. Below is a perfect example of how rustic and industrial styles can be mixed with classic elements for an eclectic yet luxurious look.

The matte wainscoting and natural marble countertop give off a rustic vibe. The glossy black finishes, hard glass lines of the shower, and skylight give a distinctly modern and industrial impression. Also the feminine bathroom accessories used in here like the classic hanging chandelier, crystal knobs on the cupboards, and floral elements pull the whole room together for a stunning effect! Rustic-Industrial-Bathrooms-4

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