Cheer Up Your Homes with Spring Fresh-Cut Flowers

Have you ever thought that fresh-cut flowers can be your secret décor element which enliven your room instantly? Without the slightest effort and the lowest cost, any style, size ad shape of a room can be cheered up with a bit of sunshine in the form of spring fresh-cut flowers.  Few elements exudes abundance and a warm welcome in the way that these wonders of nature do, knowing also the fact that more studies have shown they increase the sense of happiness while decrease anxiety. Whether they are bright colored, fragrant, graceful, lively or on the contrary, dramatic, fresh flowers seems to be also interior designers’ best friend for striking interiors.


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The transition from the never-ending winter cool season to warmer and flourishing spring is the perfect opportunity to renew our interior décor, so that it mirrors the emerging colors and patterns outside. Fresh spring decorating calls for radiant ingredients that revive our home atmosphere: delicate colors, soft and lighter fabrics, floral patterns and bold accessories. The beauty of the blooms is just the icing on the cake which of course it cannot go unnoticed, furthermore being a splendid accessory with a transforming effect that celebrate the arrival of spring adding originality to your interior design. Nothing says spring more than tulips, daffodils, crocus, freesia, iris, lilac, alliums, forsythia branches, hyacinth, roses, peonies. All have delicious fragrances and vivid colors that will enhance and refresh any corner of your homes. They can be used simple or in different unexpected combinations to match with your room’s look. Try to be consistent and creative in making arrangements.

For example, you can choose to create a fresh-cut flowers bouquet in the same color as your accents in the room using a glass container with an beautiful satin ribbon in the same color wrapped around it. A small posy with forsythia branches, daffodils or tulip on the breakfast table is all you need to start a good day. For a modern look in your kitchen, choose alliums and put them in a glass cylinder. Their dramatic height and giant puffballlike purple blooms is a great decor element and you will be amazed at the difference it makes. Tulips create a casual and inviting environment. On the other side, a bunch of pink, white, orange or red roses will always bring a romantic touch to your interiors and when you’ll match their colors with your room’s hues the effect doubles. Also your daily morning routine can be more pleasant with a small vase with spring flowers onto the windowsill or sink.

Check out the following inspiring ideas for displaying fresh-cut flowers and make your own floral arrangements this spring according to the mood you want to create. See also other amazing 5 design ideas to decorate your home for springtime.


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