New Stylish Furniture Collection for Your Pet Comfort

The era when pets were just pets with beds and bowls and nothing special about these things ended up long time ago, when they become family members. Since then, animal lovers have tried to give them a special place in their homes and offer them the best conditions possible. Thus, interior designers found themselves placed in a position to come up with pet-friendly design solutions to complement their owners’ décor, solutions that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. This need of integrating pet amenities into their home design makes furniture manufacturers to create amazing furniture collections dedicated only to these distinguished family members.


To show you how much things evolved in this direction, we want to share with you in this post a new exclusive collection for dogs and cats that we recently discovered and fell in love with it. Belonging to FORMA Italia®, a line of innovative products for pets, “Suite” isn’t an ordinary collection, we can place it among bespoke luxury furniture the Italian company Chiavari produces for over 40 years and we think that pictures say everything. Its simple, elegant and beautiful minimalist design conceived for small sized pets reveals good taste, great attention to detail and high quality of manufacture, so “Suite” is definitely for those who love style and want to offer their pets the highest comfort possible.

Featuring a rectangular shape with rounded corners, the furniture pieces are available in 2 colors finished in gloss laquers (white for its internal frame and black/red for the exterior) with metal feet or cables in steel (optional), which allows you to place them either on the floor or suspended. The attractive design is completed by a soft upholstered cushion which comes in 4 nice patterns and thanks to some magnets it’s kept in place. Moreover, the materials used are always environmentally friendly as well as pet-friendly, protecting both you and your pets’ health.  Each piece can be customized in dimensions and materials following the client’s requirements which is another plus for this collection. Have a look!



Photos © FORMA Italia®



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