Chicago House Cleaning Rates – What Should You Expect?

Living in Chicago has many perks. The city offers a wide variety of activities, great food, and friendly people. However, the cost of living can be high. For instance, housing costs are some of the highest in the city.

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The cost of house cleaning services is overlooked by many. You understand that you need to keep your home or office neat at all times. Professional help is required to achieve the level of cleanliness that you desire. But how much should you expect to pay for these services?

The cost of house cleaning in Chicago varies. It depends on various factors like size of your home, the frequency of cleaning, and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. However, you can expect to pay between $75 and $150 for typical cleaning.

If you have a larger home or need more frequent cleanings, you will likely pay more. In this blog, you will learn about different factors that affect the cost of house cleaning in Chicago and what you should expect to pay for these services.

1. The Size of Your House

How big or small is your house? The size of your home is one of the significant factors that will affect the cost of house cleaning services. A small apartment or condo will cost less to clean than a large home. It takes the cleaners less time to clean a smaller space.

A large home or office will cost you more because house cleaning services Chicago charges per hour. You will pay more if the cleaners spend more time at your premises. However, size is a relative term. What matters most is the number of rooms and the level of cleaning required.

For instance, a three-bedroom house that requires light cleaning will cost less to clean than a two-bedroom house that needs a deep cleaning. The number of rooms is not as fundamental as the work done.

2. Your Location Relative to House Cleaners’ Office

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You will find many cleaning services in Chicago. However, not all of these companies will be willing to travel to your location. The ones near you will be more likely to provide cleaning services at a lower cost.

The distance they have to travel to execute their services determines how much you will pay. If the cleaners drive for an hour to reach your home, you will pay more than when they only travel 20 minutes. Time spent on the road and the fuel costs will be upon you.

3. Services Offered

Do you only need house cleaning services, or are you looking for other services such as laundry and ironing? The type of services you need will affect the cost. You will pay more for a comprehensive package that includes multiple services.

The most common type of house cleaning service is general cleaning. It usually includes vacuuming, dusting, mopping, and cleaning the bathrooms. If you need more than general cleaning services, you will pay an additional fee.

Some companies offer a la carte services. It means that you can only pay for the services that you need. You can choose to have either your windows cleaned or your carpets shampooed. A la carte services cost less than comprehensive packages.

Also, inquire about the frequency of the services. The most common options are weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly. The frequency will also affect the cost.

4. Your Cleaning Preferences

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Sometimes, the cost of cleaning a home is in the desired results. Living with animals and young children can be messy. If you want a higher standard of cleanliness, you will have to pay more. The cleaners will need to use special chemicals and equipment to clean according to your desires and deliver expected results.

Your cleaning preferences will also affect the cost. If you want your house explicitly cleaned, specify it to the cleaners. For instance, if you need all the surfaces dusted with a microfiber cloth, you will have to pay more.

5. Mode of Payment

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How are you paying for the services? The mode of payment will also affect the cost. Some companies offer discounts for customers who pay in cash. You might also be required to pay a deposit before the cleaners start working.

The deposit is usually equivalent to one hour of cleaning. It covers the cost of cleaning supplies. Ensure you have a contract stipulating payment terms before the cleaners start working.

Paying via credit cards and PayPal is also standard. The fees associated with these modes of payment are part of the total cost of service.


Cleaning services for homes vary in cost. The size of your home, its location, the services you need, and cleaning preferences will all affect the costs. You should find a balance between what you can afford and the quality of services you need. Always have a contract before the cleaners start working.


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