Choosing The Right Bed

We’ve gone ahead and made buying the right bed as easy as 1-2-3. The average person spends 1/3 of their entire life in bed. Because of this, it’s something worth putting some time and energy into.

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Read below to find some of our best tips on buying a bed and you will not find yourself losing any sleep in the future.

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How To Measure?

Begin by measuring the maximum length and width of the spot you have available for your new bed. If you’re more of a visual planner, you’ll want to use some painter’s tape to plot out the position of your new bed. Always measure twice whenever you are shopping for something as large as a bed. You don’t want to find yourself underestimating the size of the bed only to find out it doesn’t fit your intended space. Always add the additional inches you need for the bed frame or other accessories like a headboard. 

Bed Sizes

The bed sizes that you’ll find in the marketplace will be listed according to the size of the mattress. Therefore, they’ll feature the internal size. If you’re purchasing a new bed frame for a mattress you already have, you’ll want to measure it before picking out a bed, however now is a great time to upgrade to something like a Serta mattress. That way, you know that it’s going to fit before you order it. Pay close attention to the dimensions of the entire bed frame, as well. Factor in all of the accessories to ensure you know the full scope of the bed. Keep in mind: as a lot of the mattresses we have are handmade, we compensate by making our internal frames 2cm larger in width and length than the standard UK mattresses to allow for slight variations.

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Bed Bases

Lift-up Ottoman and drawer storage. As the name of this suggests, you’ll find that lift-up ottoman bases can lift to provide a lot of storage space below the base. The drawer storage beds typically have slide-out drawers that don’t require any lifting where you will have space to stash a lot of the things normally on your bed like additional pillows, throws, and other things. Read these Ikea Furniture reviews to find the perfect type for you.

Slatted Base

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This is something that you’ll find with the majority of bed frames. This product is formed from a ladder of slates that are made using pliable wood joined together with a supporting beam in the center. These slats flex to reduce impact and they feel much less firm than what you might expect. Sometimes these things can be adjusted based on the level of tension you want. Sprung slats are very similar, but they tend to offer much more support. The slats are arched and made from flexible yet durable woods like birch which can provide a medium-firm sleep.

Bed Materials

This is generally subjective. It comes down to your preferences. You’ll find that fabric upholstered and even wooden beds feel much more casual. Whereas, velvet and other premium materials will offer you a more luxurious aesthetic. Along with the style, you need to consider some things that will impact the practicality of the materials. For instance, you might want to consider whether materials are light, durable, compact, easy to maintain, comfortable, and more.


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