Selling Your Home – Good Kitchen Worktops Add Value And Improve Saleability

Let’s face it, we all want a home that’s beautiful and that fulfils our needs but just as fashion changes with time, so too does home decor.

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Interior trends seem constantly evolving and therefore keeping your space up to date is a must, especially if you want to help increase it’s saleability. Renovating your home will undoubtedly boost its overall value however choosing the right worktops in your kitchens and bathrooms can give you that much needed extra added boost that other home improvements just can’t provide.

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How Worktops Increase Your Property’s Value

One of the main things that property buyers look at in homes is the kitchen and bathrooms. There’s increasingly becoming one of, if not the, most important aspect of any home, adding incredible value to a property. The kitchen is perhaps one of the most high traffic areas, not just in terms of functionality but simply lifestyle. People socialise more and more in their kitchens, as we lean toward open plan kitchen dining areas. Families are also now gathering more in kitchens as they come together for meal times. 

With such importance surrounding the kitchen, it’s no wonder that the better the kitchen looks and functions, the more potential a home offers to buyers and thus, becomes more appealing. Worktops are a hugely important factor in any kitchen. Kitchen Worktops are where the food is prepared, it’s where food and drink is usually awaiting guests and more often than not, it’s where you’ll find your home’s favourite appliances, from the toaster to the kettle and more. Not only are they incredibly functional, but worktops can have a huge impact on the overall aesthetic of the kitchen too, making them more important than most realise. It’s for these reasons that upgrading your worktops can have such a huge impact on your ability to sell your home, not only for the best price possible, but at all.

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The question is, what worktop do you choose?

What’s The Best Worktop For You?

There are a number of different options out there but there are few that provide both functionality, style and of course, help increase your property’s value and saleability. To get the rundown on the very best, we spoke with The Only Way Is Granite and their top choices of worktop were…


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Granite is an incredible natural stone with a huge amount of strength and a very low porosity. It’s ideal in kitchens and is known for adding value to the home and essentially being an investment. It’s scratch and heat resistant and when professionally sealed annually, it’s pretty stain resistant too. There are a range of different colours and because the markings vary from one piece of rock to the next, you can guarantee that your worktop will be as unique as they come. Yes they do require annual sealant which for some is maintenance they don’t want however, there are other options if that is totally out of the question, such as…


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Quartz is a marriage between resin and stone. Creating an almost hybrid stone worktop. While not 100% natural, the benefits it offers thanks to this marriage of science and nature makes it not only extremely popular and therefore an incredible investment for the home (whether you intend to enjoy it or benefit from it’s appeal when selling) but also one of the most low maintenance options around. Heat resistant, scratch resistant and incredibly popular – it makes for a great addition, especially for those looking to increase their saleability.


Marble, much like granite, is a natural rock that provides a tough and durable worktop option. It’s also luxury personified, offering beautiful and unique markings as well as incredible function. Marble is known around the world for being the height of sophistication and as such, provides great appeal when selling the home. Like granite, it requires sealant in order to ensure it looks as good as new, year on year, however for those wanting a true investment, it’s well worth it.

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Contact The Experts Today

If you’d like more information on quality kitchen and bathroom worktops that are guaranteed to help improve the value and of course, the saleability of your home, we recommend contacting The Only Way Is Granite today. The guys at The Only Way Is Granite have a huge amount of experience and supply some of the finest granite, quartz and marble in the UK. Call today on 01277 800 023. 


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