Christmas Decorating Ideas for Outdoor Settings

Winter season has already arrived on December 1st and we already feel this in the weather which gets colder each day. People usually think how to make their home more comfortable and warmer and the home decor may change drastically in order to ensure that coziness. If we think that after a few weeks Christmas is celebrated, than every aspect of the house will surely have a festive theme that will spread the holiday cheer. This magical time of the year is always expected by many of us with a childish impatience thinking long in advance what gifts to surprise our loved ones and what Christmas decorations to use in order to beautify both our home interior and exterior.

Some of us use the same decorations like the previous year because they are still new and gorgeous, others find that their Christmas decorations are already old and unattractive and it’s time for a change this year, and others simply love to come up each season with new and fresh ideas to be added to their existing decor. You don’t have to be limited by your budget, just look around on the Internet or in the stores and you’ll find tones of amazing ideas for every pocket, which will put you in the holidays spirit and create that charming Christmas wonderland. Explore your imagination and you’ll be pleasantly surprised how simple creative ideas that aren’t expensive, will create unexpected holiday accents. During Christmas, front yard decor of your home should be given as much importance as for the interior one, because it completes the fun and festive overall look of your home, giving your neighbors a peek of your Christmas theme decorations and sharing the joy with each passer-by.

Each year designers and stores come up with innovative solutions and  new designs for decorating your yard in an original style, so from this point of view you can create almost any setting you want. No matter what the color and shape (Santa, reindeers, angels, shepherds, candy canes, elves) you like most, twinkling lights are a” must have” item for Christmas decoration. Use them to decorate trees, shrubs, swings or anything that you want to stand out more. Oversized globe glass string lights, flameless candles that look like wintry tree bark can give you a special winter warm glow over outdoor gatherings.

Make a welcoming statement for your holiday guests with a printed doormat made of thickly woven of naturally durable coir, pre-lit stars adorned with small lights and woven from natural twigs and a beautiful garland from real pinecones and twigs, faux berries and festive red jingle bells, which decorate the banister or mantel. A huge favourite among outdoor Christmas decorations is the nativity scene, which visually  symbolizes the meaning of the Christmas holiday and which you can personalize it as you want, if you keep the main characters, angels and animals. You may create fake “snow fall” effect with the help of some snowfall light boxes for an extra touch of creativity. An innovative outdoor decoration idea could be giant inflatable yard decorations, which comes in many sizes and shapes and will definitely add a unique touch to your outdoor decor.

They are easy to use and also the kids’ favourites ones. And where would Christmas be without a Christmas tree and Santa Claus. To grab attention you can place a big Santa outside or a Rudolph to enhance your garden appearance. Be sure they are made of strong materials to withstand the fickle weather. Another symbol for Christmas holiday is the tree, and of course a huge lighted Christmas tree out in the front yard, decorated with unique hangings, doesn’t compare to anything, but if your budget doesn’t allow you to do that, a lit twig tree made of handwoven rattan and wrapped with string lights, or a boxwood peace topiary (like in the image below) could be a stylish and not so expensive choice. Don’t forget to choose a big gorgeous wreath for hanging on the main door to add a classic touch to your holiday look and lend a great festive feel to your home.

 Photos © Pottery Barn

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