Original Bespoke Cabinets for Bedroom

Discovered on @mocoloco.com, these fantastic custom cabinetry surprise us in a very pleasant way by its original look envisioned by Hendzel + Hunt, a design studio based in South London led by two young designers Jan Hendzel and Oscar Hunt. Together with a dedicated multidisciplinary team, they create innovative and exceptional bespoke furniture and products with the help of reclaimed and sustainable materials. If you examine better the photos, these beautiful-looking cabinets still keep in their appearance various patterns of the rough materials  from which they were made. In fact, this is the main feature about Hendzel + Hunt’s furniture collections which differentiates them from the rest and makes every piece being distinctively unique.

Described as “a great tribute to sunny days past and present”, these cabinets can be considered a celebration for their client’s love for the shadow cast into his bedroom. Actually, what was supposed to be just a relatively simple project, it was transformed into something innovative inspired by the client’s room itself, which was filled with a beautiful afternoon glow, resulting in deep shadow cast upon the walls and floor.

12 O’clock Shadow, as it was entitled, captures permanently these shadows thanks to the 2 kinds of reclaimed plywood, which allowed to be replicated taking into consideration a sunny summer afternoon. Their shadows along with wood patterns details has composed  a very special design with a strong visual effect that will complement any contmporary bedroom. Old builder’s shuttering plywood and salvaged Ash doorframes are the materials used for creating  12 O’clock Shadow.

 Photos © Hendzel and Hunt

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