Classical and Baroque Details in a Modern Penthouse in Kiev

Talented designer and architect Sergey Makhno surprises us every time we came across a project designed by him and his team. With his imaginative vision, Sergey Makhno has the ability to create amazing and special interiors with unique design for his clients.This project is an exquisite modern two-level penthouse in a suburban apartment complex Chaika, in Kiev. Spacious and tastefully-decorated, it has a modern approach design that surprises the viewer with a delightful artistic combination between minimalistic, classical and baroque elements which transmits a warm and poetic moods.

This very light interior design displays milky–golden colour, soft natural light penetrating through the two tiers of windows box, eye-catching hues – gold, beige, gray-pearl, thick gray and color of natural wood and marble and some elements that maintain the memories of another era. The two tiers of windows where you can find an inviting living room with a staircase and the library, is making this part of the room become the focal point of the entire penthouse. An enormously large library cupboard, which occupies two floors in height with a 6-meter library staircase invites you to get from the top shelves your favorite volume and arranged comfortably the sofa. Look at the photos and discover the use of beautiful and creative design in the other rooms too.

Photos: © Sergey Makhno

Project details:

Implementation: 2010
Location: a two-level penthouse, Kiev apartment complex “The Seagull”
Area: 180 sq. m.

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