How to Choose the Right Lamp Design

Over the time an accessory decorative lamps have become very popular and almost every house has a lamp these days. The light plays a very important role in creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere to a house. The design of the lamp and also its functionality can influence the entire room design and style of the houses, and to find a suitable lamps and furniture to match your room wall color is not something easily done, but not impossible.Here are some tips on how to choose the right lamp design to keep in mind when you have decided to buy a new lamp.First you need to look at how the show house or your room looks, to be able to identify what kind of style and design you have and what would suit you. Remember that you need to think and choose a lamp you needed, like desk lamp, bed lamp etc.Also must take into account the color;  in my point of view the lamp color plays an important role in choosing it and must be consistent with the furniture, wall, and even quilts or bed pillows or curtains to your room. So be careful.

designer:Igor Pinigin

Lamp design must look good when it is turned on or turned off. It is true that the test are not discuss because we meet people who prefer for example a ceramic table lamps, while others will prefer something crystal, plastic, metal, etc.., it is important that the lamp you want to buy the right to be your style, age, and to serve the intended purpose. On the market there are many models of lamps and for all budgets.
The material that covers the lamp is very important to be a durable and have a nice design. Lamp must not become the most important design object in a house design but it must have room to reflect all objects in it. Lamp design is not only important but also the source of light bulb in our case. Also it would be best to buy a lamp, to be able to change the bulb if necessary. Below I present you some examples of lamps that are made by talented designers.



designer:Sébastien Maleville


designer:Andrey Dokuchaev


designer:A.D. Injection Lab


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