Cloud house architecture by McBride Charles Ryans

A double-fronted Edwardian house has received several additions and changes and finally after all this work the Cloud House was borne.


Designed by McBride Charles Ryans the cloud house is divided into three parts, united by futuristic floral hallway carpet. The house has a white color like the clouds which gives you the feeling of a spacious house, with big windows. Here, there is a red box which represents the kitchen, and in my opinion it’s like the heart of the house, the house is like a human body and the heart of it is represented by the red box kitchen. The kitchen represents a connection, a link between the other spaces of the house.


The cloud house has an unusual shape,   like a common cloud formation, which the name of the house comes from. For the Cloud House, the designer has been awarded at Melbourne Design Awards in 2012. It is a contemporary architecture that makes it unique by its cloud shape.



source:  Cloud house



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