STEEL Folding Chair with Original Rustic Appearance

A quality folding chair has always been a good investment, as it has lots of qualities and prove to be a great piece of furniture very useful in many situations. To name a few, besides the fact that it’s easy to maintain, such a chair is light and portable, occupies very little space when you don’t need it and it’s flexible allowing you to put it wherever you want with almost no effort at all.

If we choose one that has also an appealing appearance revealing an eye-catching pattern or a unique design, it’s even better and your guests will definitely notice that. Here, on DesignLike, we’ve shown you some original folding chair designs designed by Félix Guyon, Samuel Aguiar and Yves Behar to get inspired and today we continue with another one, called STEEL Folding Chair, which surprinsingly the material from it’s made ​​has nothing in common with the name.


Paradoxically, the STEEL Folding Chair displays an original wood appearance, being made ​​entirely of this material. Quite interesting, isn’t it? Unlike other wood folding chairs you know, the chair imagined by Reinier de Jong Design, a company supported by a team of craftsmen, manages to reflect the everyday nature of its original components and allows its buyers to customize it as they wishes and even with they own components.

STEEL chair is designed using wood handles which were cut on the surface to realize a comfortable shape and expose a new, different wood color and texture, which depends of course also on the type of wood used. On demand, this folding chair can be composed of client’s own wood handles of old wood handles of rakes, brooms, shovels or any other household and garden tool. They will be cleaned, painted in white if wanted, and then stacked to achieve this beautiful model. For dimensions and price, please check out the company’s website mentioned above.





White-chair-rustic-design-by-Reinier-de-Jong  Interesting-folding-chair-by-Reinier-de-Jong

Photos © Peter van Dijk


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