Futuristic Lighting Design to be Eco-friendly Indoor and Outdoor

Whether it’s still at the concept stage or is already produced, this project is amazing and attention-grabbing, especially for those who love futuristic concepts as well as eco-friendly designs. Found on Behance, this lighting design was envisioned by Italian Architectural Studio – D’ARC. STUDIO – featuring some surprising characteristics for a lamp, along with a shape worth of SF movies.

The only biological process, the chlorophyllous photosynthesis, that utilize the Sun power and turn sunlight energy in nourishment for the Earth, the admiration of natural cycle that allows the Life on Earth and a careful observation of Nature itself were the inspirational sources for this impressive lighting system, by far the most ambitious lamp ceoncept ever imagined.


Every detail makes the Sinthesya Eco Light unique, from its shape inspired by a plant earth-linked with strong roots, fotovoltaic panels on headtop, low energy LED lights to customizable waterproof material to fit perfectly both indoor and outdoor.  The curvaceous silhouette features at one end a leaf-shaped head with high-efficiency fotovoltaic flexible panels that has the function to catch sunbeams and turn them in the lower side with ten LED lights, which allows users to adjust the intensity of lightfrom a soft-touch dimmer, and at the other end an adjustable base with integrated electrical plug to be used only in emergency situations, with a long winding stem, balanced by long lasting eco-battery cells.

Sinthesya Eco Light can be oriented in all directions, also very close to sun (a recharge mode) thanks to the double joint between stem and leaf. Designed as we said before with the idea of using indoors as well as outdoors, the lamp is made also of ecological materials, so all the shells for both base, head and stem are in recycled ABS (silicone rubber) with different customizable colors to adapt any modern interior design.









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