Contemporary Apartment Renovation in the Gothic Quarter, Barcelona

Barcelona based architectural design company YLAB, founded by Tobias Laarmann and Yolanda Yuste, manages to accomplish spectacular results each time it gets to a new project. Specialized in modern design, YLAB Arquitectos creates striking designs for a wide range of clients, both with commercial and private needs.


In this post, we want to share with you one of their gorgeous renovations that we liked very much. Situated in the heart of Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter, Spain, this 130 m2 apartment showed in these images is defined by contemporary design style. The architects had a strong intervention creating identity for each one of the different spaces, however respecting the original structure. They reinterpreted the existing spatial composition and redefined the allocated functions and uses with the aim of designing new spatial and visual connections where modern elements to predominate instead of the traditional ones.

The young owner of the apartment wanted to have a peaceful environment that combines in an intelligent way both privacy (bedroom and work space) and social places (for parties and meals). All rooms are modern and stylish, dressed in a neutral color scheme that induce a feeling of warmth,elegance and cleanness thourghout. We cannot decide which of the rooms is the most beautiful; they all look amazing and each one of them have something special to share with the owner. Even that kitchen-dining room is superb. Very spacious, elegant too, with modern minimalist furniture, it recalls the old clubs and cafes. The overall design makes it unique, but the ceiling that continues with the longitudinal wall is definitely something creative and give this space a whole new dimension. Beginning in the entrance vestibule, the ceiling and longitudinal wall are paneled with tinted pine woods slats, assembled by hand. How do you think this kitchen-dining area look like?










Photos © 1-9: Jordi Canosa /© 10: Ciro Frank Schiappa


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