Table and Drawer Unit Impresses with Fluid Sculptural Form

Istanbul-based architectural and design studio, Nuvist, has an amazing portofolio with awesome creations showcasing modern design correlated with futuristic approaches. Their unique organic and dynamic form language is just impressive and manages to stand out no matter the setting. Simplicity, functionality and elegance that characterize Nuvist’s products, also meet in one of their new project, entitled Nuvska.


Designed as a table and drawer unit, Nuvska reflects smooth curvilinear lines, which come together in a sculptural continuous three dimensional form that draw attention right away. The creative design can be used for all angles of 360 degrees for all contemporary indoor spaces. By using this interesting design technique, the result is stunning: an unusual furniture object with personality which improves functionality and energy of the spaces through its futuristic, dynamic shape.

Endless fluid visual effects are created through the simple continuous loop lines, so Nuvska reveals unexpected sides of the project. It can be used as a multi-functional furniture piece (table, reception or office desk), its daring colors make it easy to combine with a variety of modern chairs and decors- futuristic ideas being encouraged. See below some photos with this unconventional concept and share with us your opinion.





Photos © Nuvist

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