Contemporary Bar Stools can Suit Your Every Seating Need

 Bar stools are an ideal solution for many different seating needs. They are useful for much more than sitting in front of a bar or accompanying the breakfast bar in your kitchen. They are incredibly versatile pieces of furniture, and can be used in many more ways than you might expect. Whether at home or for a business, there are many different seating needs that can be perfectly solved with stools such as:2

At the Bar

Bar stools get there name from the quite obvious fact that they have, traditionally, most often been found sitting in front of the bar of a restaurant, pub or club. It might be a little obvious, but it’s also what bar stools were designed for and one of the best things to use them for. If your business includes a bar, or even if you happen to have a bar in your home, then stools are pretty much a no-brainer. Just make sure that you make the right choice of stools, which will be both comfortable and a neat fit for the décor and character of your business. In other words, contemporary bar stools will complement businesses with a contemporary aesthetics, but retro theme bars for instance might want something a little different.1

In the Kitchen

Getting all of the obvious ones out of the way, the second most common use of kitchen stools is in the kitchen at the breakfast bar. Once again, this may be a bit of a no-brainer but it is something that stools are perfect for and is well worth taking advantage of. If you have a stool-less breakfast bar in your kitchen that you’ve never gotten around to actually making use of, consider getting some stools as they can bring a real benefit to your kitchen by providing a pleasant, casual and practical seating solution for mealtimes or pretty much any time you want to relax.

In the Staff Room

Stepping away from the common and obvious seating needs that stools can solve, they are pretty much perfect for use in staff “break out” and relaxation areas in the workplace. They provide a relatively space efficient, pleasantly comfortable, and decidedly casual kind of seating that can help staff relax in their breaks and downtime. The comfortable yet casual nature of stools makes them ideal for brief moments of unwinding in an otherwise busy working day. Contemporary bar stools are particularly useful for this purpose. It is good for employee morale to offer them a pleasant, good-looking environment in which to relax and stylish stools can be a great boost to this.

With Guests

It’s very useful to have some stools to bring out when you have guests and find yourself with a seating shortage. You’ve probably arranged the seats for each part of your home to accommodate the people who live there and possibly one or two visitors, so when you’re holding a party or otherwise entertaining a few people then you can be stuck. Bar stools provide a laid-back, useful and comfy way to accommodate a few extra bums in the living room or even outside on the patio.


About Author: Changiz is the founder and director of an Essex based office furniture company. He has been running the company called Furniture Bay since September 2010 and the company has gone from strength to strength ever since.


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