Reducing your electricity costs this Winter

Generally, when temperatures begin to drop, electricity bills begin to rise. This is especially common to business owners who encounter a substantial rise in their overhead electricity expenses as a result of the rising energy demands during the winter. The rising expenses may in turn affect the business negatively. The following are a list of effective practices that can be adopted to reduce your electricity costs this winter.

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Lower the thermostat during the day. Setting the thermostat to lower temperatures when no one is in the apartment during the day is a step toward reducing your electricity costs this winter. Lowering the thermostat reduces the strain on your electric heaters and eventually lowers the bills. For a comfortable warm night, a person may also lower the temperatures slightly and add an extra blanket. Another option is by installing a programmable thermostat. It can help save a lot of money regardless of whether is in a residence or a business setting. The programmable thermostat reduces thermostat temperatures when no one is in the office or at home. Depending on how it has been programmed, it automatically raises the temperature again to comfortable levels before everyone is back again.iStock_heatstrip_03_Small_final

Add moisture to the air. This is another way of reducing your electricity costs this winter yet enjoy a warm season. Humid air is warmer than dry air. By adding moisture in the air, a person can comfortably lower the thermostat on their electric heater and still feel plenty warm. Adding moisture in the air can be achieved by placing bowls of water in front of heat registers, thus easily humidifying the apartment. Adding moisture in the air also helps to reduce the static electricity during winter.heatstrip

Power down electronics.  This is another way of eliminating energy waste, by turning off all electronic devices when not in use. Business people should ensure their computers and lights are off while leaving after work and ensure the computers are on sleep mode if inactive for longer than 30 minutes. In residential setups, turning off electronics such as TVs and programming laptops and desktops to power off while inactive will serve in reducing your electricity costs this winter. Don’t forget about the items in your backyard or outdoor patio such as outdoor heaters. These are easily forgotten.

Ensure the heating and air units are working properly. Business and home air ducts should be checked regularly to ensure they are in good shape. On average, air duct systems leak anywhere from 15 to 20 percent. Ensuring they are well sealed and not leaking can significantly reduce energy cost. If you are using an electric heater, making sure that your unit is in top condition can also help reduce energy costs. If you are searching for an energy efficient electric heater, consider the options available at Heatstrip.

Use passive solar heat. This method will also help in reducing your electricity costs this winter. Use of passive solar heat can be achieved by opening the curtains or raising the shades in the apartment with the door closed. The sunlight warms the room and the closed doors help trap the heat inside the room.  Shutting doors of the unoccupied rooms also help in trapping heat and restricting it from moving to cooler hallway.

Work with energy brokers. Many people may not be aware that they can negotiate their energy costs. Energy brokers on the other hand work to negotiate the best deals for their customers. A broker will ask his client several questions to determine the energy demand for that client before any recommendation. They are then able to determine what product and the terms the client needs. They may then request quotes from top suppliers and compare them to know which company is offering the best deal. This way brokers may be the best option to negotiate energy costs this winter.


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