Contemporary Coffee Tables

Contemporary coffee tables give a special design for living rooms, can create a welcoming atmosphere and relaxing moments help us when we want to relax in front of the TV and enjoy a cup of coffee or a snack. To choose the ideal coffee table for your room I share with you some tips on choosing and positioning the coffee table. It is usually placed in the middle of the room, or as a separate table or in front of the sofa, the table in combination with two or more small stools in the same trend of interior design can give your room an elegance and can be a tool of customary in receiving guests. At first glance may look modest, but once discovered becomes an integral part in your home decor.

  Owner photo Basil Jose

  Owner photo Basil Jose

Place around the coffee table is where you will get friends, lover or business people, these things bringing a very important mass of coffee. Small pleasures, drinking coffee or tea are very easy, very easy by placing cups of coffee table surface, especially when you talk or when to gesticulate your hands. In addition to coffee table is an integral part of the furniture must be elegant and stylish choice, but extremely functional.

  • The material for coffee tables

Material they are made coffee tables is very important in finish decor and final appearance, but also in its strength, usually wood is used. Coffee tables can be finishing mahogany, ebony, metal, plastic, marble, glass tops. Elegance and design is highly dependent on processing and designer ingenuity.

  • Form  for coffee tables

Coffee tables are rectangular meet standard classical style, but if we use futuristic style, the abstract form for table is indicated, very close to the ground position, this gives a very interesting decorated room. Coffee tables can be compact or large, rectangular shapes are ideal for homes with a classic interior design but can also use the office, for a traditional environment using round tables, they give a very comfortable.

Step coffee table

designed by  Svilen Gamolov

 Coffee tables can hold storage shelves or decorative windows, so their functionality becomes a household can be transparent or matte drawers, coffee tables, chairs attached to these forms can be cube or abstract forms, depending on the tastes of everyone. A coffee table can greatly improve your appearance and room decor, accessories can be used as a tablecloth, flowers and carpets for home beautification, and sometimes you can use the outdoor coffee tables.
These coffee tables are made from outdoor resistant materials outside environment.

SIREN coffee table

designed by Svilen Gamolov

INFINITY coffee table

designed  by Svilen Gamolov


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