Contemporary Restaurant Displaying Digital Design in Mexico City

Tori Tori cosmopolitan and contemporary restaurant in Mexico City is a great mix between its exterior that gives a sentiment of modern art installation and its rich in wood interior that leaves a warm and inviting impression. Rojkind Arquitectos, who designed this project, focused on translate complex geometries into very simple and understandable drawings that benefit from local manufacturing. Located in the Polanco district, Mexico City, the new bigger Japanese restaurant was once a residential house. Focusing on renovating the house, the architects produced an entirely different environment from the one that was before. They managed to create a strong relantionship between the outside and the inside, so the landscape and the building’s organic ivy-like façade were designed to be an extention of the restaurant.

This incredible 629 sqm building houses a range of open spaces, terraces, a sake bar and an own exclusive temple oriented at highly demanding sushi lovers. Each interior space has its own atmosphere emanating an intimate and subtle feel. Furnishings are specially made for Tori Tori restaurant with a direct orientation through each space.

Photos: © Paúl Rivera

Project details:

Location: Polanco, Mexico city
Program: restaurant
Construction area: 629 m2
Status: completed
Design date: 2009
Completion date: 2011
Architectural project: rojkind arquitectos + esrawe studio
Project team: tere levy, agustín pereyra, raúl araiza, carlos alberto ríos, isaac smeke j., enrique f. de la barrera,
daniela bustamante, daniel hernández
Rsrawe studio: héctor esrawe
project team: ricardo casas, basia pineda, ian castillo, karianne rygh, alejandra castelao, jorge bracho, alejandro zárate, marcela muñoz, edgar sánchez, rodrigo l. franco
Design computational consultants: kokkugia
Construction: zda desarrollo + arquitectura
Structural engineering: ing. juan felipe heredia
Facade engineering: grupo mas
Lighting design: luz en arquitectura
Landscape design: entorno taller de paisaje
Furniture: esrawe studio
Kitchen: san-son

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