Embellish Your Pool with Unique Glass Mosaic Tiles

We ran across these unique glass mosaic tiles designs created by SICIS– the art mosaic factory and consider them to be an original solution to transform your old swimming pool into a modern one that will atract all eyes. Created by the hands of master artists in Sicis’ laboratories, these glass mosaic tiles can be combined as you want depending on pattern, decoration, development technique and even dimensions. SICIS has always interpreted Art well beyond its form of expression, deep down, completely, throught the whole process in which it can complete itself, so they’ve always created unprecedented results. Encouraging creativity with the artistic mosaic technique, their  spectacular decorative elements are made of 179 shades of glass which play with the mirrored and iridescent surfaces infusing color, textural dimension and transform your swimming experience.

Background textures are elegant, with floral motifs, some inspired by the ardent Spanish atmosphere, others devoted to delicate Provencal springtimes, from Barcelona to Arles, and yet others from Venice to Tunis, along the liquid path of the sea.

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