Cool Café Foam in Stockholm Displaying Vibrant Interior Design

Love it or hate it! That seems to be the owners’ desire regarding this 180 square meters Café Foam in Stockholm, Sweden. And we think Swedish designers Note Design Studio manage to achieve one of this feeling from those who see this café. It’s all about contrasts and extremes realised through vibrant interior design with eye-catching details that impress the guests. Its original design with sheer red curtains, wide pink bands slashing across the walls and floor and, grey and black chairs have at least an unusual source of inspiration: a Spanish bull-fighting. For creating a vivid place for meeting, cheating and eating, designers combine Spanish temperament with the Scandinavian coolness through the innovative use of materials and colors. The glass lamps are very simple and beautiful, were designed especially for this project and hand blown by Kosta glassworks. All these elements transform the Café Foam into a cozy and elegant space.

Photos: © Stefano Barozzi.

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