Ingenious Furniture: Nest Chair by ALLT

Peter Simonik & Elena Bolcekova from ALLT design studio design ingenious furniture that create stories and reflect reflect people’s personalities in a home interior. Nest Chair is indeed an original piece of furniture that will surely catch your friends’ attention. When you see it, it may look uninviting but in reality its white soft pillow ensure a very comfortable seating. The chair’s hard base frame looks like a bird’s nest being made of three ‘oriented-strand-board’ cutouts that allows you to stay in what position you want and also to get up easily. Nest Chair’s simple system let you modify it in order to suit your needs just by fitting the base’s parts together using the hands. The interesting black laquered edges are not only a detail to achieve this unique design, but to clean cuts that don’t let the edges tire with time.

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