How to Organize Cords for the Home Office

When was the last time you were angry that your office is full of cables from your electronic devices? Well, we think that any of us face at some point with such undesirable situation, especially nowadays when our reliance on technology is greater than ever. Nothing is more annoying than tangled cords which create not only a cluttered and unclean design but also make our workspaces less functional than it could be without them. Keeping cords for our office under control and out of sight is not so complicated and challenging as we tend to think; in fact after we saw these ingenious ideas, everything seems like a child’s play. Contemporary cable management involves finding creative and clever solutions to keep your desk and home office perfectly organized without cords and cables sprawled around the floor or on your desk. In today’s post we choose to show you 10 such brilliant solutions which reveal innovative products especially designed for helping you to hide those messy wires, to sort them, to prevent them from dropping off the desk or to keep them in place. Check out these amazing ideas with modern designs after the jump.

1. The Mark Brothers: Cable Labels – from Mocha

Having so many cables around you, it’s impossible not to get stuck on them and it gets annoying every time you waste time guessing which cord you really want to unplug behind your computer desk or TV. The Mark Brothers are a set of five cable labels which can solve this problem. Fun and practical, these little guys looking like circus acrobats are the perfect solution, helping you to identify to which device each wire belongs. You just simply have to write down on the little face the name of the appliance the wire belongs to and then attach them on it.




2. CableDrop –  from Bluelounge

Faced with cable mess due to temporarily wires you have on your desk? With CableDrop you don’t have to worry about anymore. It’s a multi-purpose cable clip with an original design which can be used in a multitude of creative ways as cords organizers. You can fix any type of cords on the desktop or behind it and even onto a facing wall, preventing them not to fall off every time you unplug your devices. All you need to do is to peel the adhesive and apply CableDrop to desired surface. It can be adapted in many environments due to its various colors.




3. Cable Turtle – from Made in Design

Cable Turtle is a good-looking medium cable storage which makes cords management fun adding decorative interest as well as organization to any office. Small or large, made of thermolastic rubber with polypropilen joint and available in 9 bright colors, these ultra-convenient spools can keep unsightly electric wire and cable out of sight.




4. Florafil – from Tania da Cruz

An unexpected and cheerful addition to ad any home office is Florafil, a rubber cord cover which brings nature into your office and also maintain it perfectly arrange. Its sinuous and meandering form of a vine offer a creative solution to your cable management needs. What do you think of it?




5. Essentials Leg Cord Manager -from Room&Board

A good cord management system conceal wires while still keeping them accessible. This make these modern and elegant self-adhesive managers which dimension  and size varies to fit better your needs. The Leg Cord Manager features self-adhesive back and you don’t need to worry that will fall.





6. Mushroom GreenZero Wall Travel Charger -from Bracketron

Have you ever happened to forget to unplug your charger after you use it? Well, now you no longer need to remember  to unplug it after your phone is charged. Here you have a handy plugin that solves this problem in the most eco-friendly way possible. How it works? It automatically shuts off when the device is fully charged, while totally eliminating the wasteful stand-by consumption that other chargers consume when left plugged in. Besides that it has a unique and portable design with cord winder for tangle-free cable storage and transport, so you can take it anywhere with you.


7. Cordies Cable Organizers – from ThinkGeek

Stay organized with smart and creative solutions to arrange cords for your workspaces from ThinkGeek. Accommodating a few cables each, Cordies keep cables from sliding and prevent them from tangling. Made of flexible rubber for a perfect grip, they’re great for any type of cords: firewire, audio cables, headphones, docking station, cell phone chargers, USB cords, power cords.




8. Pivot Power Strip -from MoMA Store

This cool lighting strip is designed to hold large adapters in its six pivoting outlets. It has a friendly colored design unusual for this type of cable management and it can be configurate as you wish because it takes multiple forms to accommodate oversized plugs and hard-to-reach places.



9. CableBox Mini -from Bluelounge

We always like the smaller versions of office accessories because they are more convenient and cute than the large ones when you have lack of space. CableBox Mini is a practical and appealing unit ideal for hiding routers cords, adapters and small hubs around your desk area. It can be put anywhere on your desk or under it, near you appliances, etc. Made from fire retardant plastic, it includes a short 4-socket surge protector for convenience. And of course, you can choose your favourite color from 7 types.




10. Cableyoyo -from Bluelounge

Simple and efficient, with a sleek and and ultra-thin modern design, Cableyoyo is a wonderful product that sure you will love. Designed to keep those permanently attached small wires from your electronic equipment organized and out of the way, Calbeyoyo is an empty spool around which you wrap your existing cord. You can set the cord according to your desired length and then use internal clasp to fix position. After that you can stick it to any nearby surface using adhesive spindle. Moreover, you can take it with you and use it for your headphones or your cell phones.



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