Home Sweet Home, Wonderful Design Improvement

What makes your home so special for you and makes you say home sweet home when you return from a long trip or even from a holiday? Have you thought about that? Look around you and you’ll discover that your home place is in most of the times designed according your needs and taste and  there are certainly many things related to it that makes you feel happy and most at home. We all design our houses in order to be the most comfortable place on earth where we get rid of stressful daily life, relax and enjoy our life as we know better.

Just as with “happiness”, it’s true that comfort is a word which each of us give his own definition and what is for me a comfortable home may not be for you. For a  Washington DC couple this mean a wonderful place with pitoresque surrounding nature, where nature to become part of their everyday living experience. With no relationship to the outdoor spaces, or the distant vistas, Calistoga residence, an old 25 acre property, was redesigned by Strening Architects in order to fit the clients’ desires and needs.
The house was improved with two distinct outdoor entertaining spaces on the front and back of it and re-imagined the front of the it to allow them to benefit from the spectacular view of the Napa Valley.  The materials used such as stone, stucco, steel, wood, give a refined elegance to the property and the design arrangements reflect the sophisticated style of the clients. We love their fantastic design improvement  for their home sweet home vision.
Check out some beautiful photos with their residence after the jump.






Photos: © Strening Architects.


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