Corner Light Illuminates Beautifully Your Interior Spaces

Sometimes the simplest objects are actually those with the greatest visual impact. Corner Light is one of them, a unique lighting source that interacts with the architecture of the room in a pleasant way. The intersection of walls and ceiling in your room can be from now on a place for Seattle based designer Peter Bristol’s Corner Light to sit perfectly. Designed for British company Established & Sons, this lamp has a clever execution which makes it a contradictory statement that is both inherently iconic and minimalist at the same time.


Taking the form of a glowing equilateral triangle that fits in the corner of the room, the light features a steel bracket of an aluminum structure, a diffuser magnetically attached and a visible power cable. Corner Light seems to blend-in and stand-out in a simultaneous way due to its striking minimalist design and the novel idea of putting it where the lines of the walls meet. Available in two sizes, the lamp is appropriate for any design style.



Photos: ©  Peter Bristol, Established & Sons.


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