Sculptural Vase Designs For Modern Spaces

Consisting of rings of Silestone slipped over a simple metal bracket, these sculptural vase designs are interesting enough to stand out between similar decorative artwork. Stockholm based design studio Form Us With Love collaborated with Spanish stone company Cosentino Group to create these splendid vases. which explore the quartz surface Silestone in a new manner. The brilliant idea of using natural materials like Silestone, which are normally used for bathroom and kitchen surfaces, appears to be of great impact for a vase design.


The defining Silestone Slab Vases’s feature is a mixture of  effective and unique design and versatility. Ideal for small to medium flower arrangements, the handmade Silestone Slab Vases can be reconfigured in different shapes due to the Silestone’s rings which has various sizes.  Having Iberian and Scandinavian origins, the material from which they’re made come in a wide range of colors, that allowed designers to combine different shades of grey with hot red and orange.



Photos: © Jonas Lindström.


Silestone Slab Vase Designs


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