Crazy Low Budget DIY Transformations

Do you ever shudder at the cost of DIY? Are you any good at the task itself? Often when you’re not sure whether you can complete a job well, the best option is to call in a professional. You’ll save yourself time, money and stress. If you are up to the task, however, you can make your home and furniture the business. Better still, you can do it at little cost. Below is a discussion of some simple but crazy, DIY cost-cutting success stories.

Transforming a snoozer of a kitchen

White and grey — not the most inspiring colours, are they, but they were the original choice of one woman’s dreary kitchen. After joining a budget DIY group on Facebook, the mum felt inspired to makeover her kitchen. The amazing part? She spent as little as £100 on transforming the kitchen.

How? Was it all new tiles and tabletops? You’d think so if you were to step into the kitchen, but the reality is oh so different. All it took were some tile stickers for the walls, some brown Fablon for the kitchen counter tops and the kitchen took on a fresh appearance. Throw in a little colouring in between the tiles with a grouting pen and voilà — the mum had her ‘new’ kitchen!

Brilliant bed building

A big bed might cost you a little more, but one lady nearly dropped when she requested a quote of £3,000 for a custom-made frame. She looked for an alternative. That alternative was two divan beds which she then pushed together to form a 12 ft wide supersized bed. The lady then laid non-slip mattresses across the top so that no one could fall out of the bed. The only drawback is that she has so much more laundry to do because she only uses standard sized bedding.

Some have branded the lady a genius. After posting a picture of her handiwork on social media, she received more than 2,000 likes. Some of the people engaging with her post have started to ask if they can do the same.

From bland to grand bathrooms

A bathroom should provide sanctuary. Just like a bedroom, it’s a place where we can lock ourselves away for a little while and relax, whether that’s in a nice hot bath or under a soothing warm shower. Good décor can help the bathroom work towards this end and there are people that have made some simple tweaks to make their bathroom a really inviting sanctuary.

It’s that ole budget DIY group on Facebook inspiring them all. One lady had called a grouting pen into action after seeing how another member of the group had used it to help transform her kitchen. Grouting pens can come in a range of colours and using them injects straightforward style into a bathroom. In this instance, the lady had opted for a grey pen, which she used to bring a touch of the contemporary to the tiling of her shower and sink and, generally, to freshen up the rest of the grouting in her bathroom. No more uninspiring white for her and the whole operation cost just under a tenner. Bargain!

There’s more than one way to skin a cat and attacking the grouting isn’t the only way to revamp a bathroom, which can take time and money, especially if you’re re-tiling as well. Another DIY enthusiast got around it with a risky but brilliant solution: wallpaper! She pulled it off superbly with some 3D wallpaper that breathed new life into her bland bathroom. The waterproof wallpaper covers the tiles perfectly and, with a little sealant around the edges, makes the bath area look more inviting. After posting the results in the group, the enthusiast received more than 1,500 likes on the post.

Updating the dining table

A dining table can look dreadfully worn and, again, cost was at the heart of the issue when homeowner Emma Stables decided to transform her dining table and chairs. The table benefited from a lick of paint, as did the chairs, and a switch from a wooden tabletop to a marble one. With the help of a few YouTube tutorials, Emma was able to get the job done. She then turned her attention to the sofa near her table. Believe it or not, she painted the sofa! Watered-down chalk paint was the answer! The whole makeover operation cost under £100.

Boosting a leather bed

Leather can look lovely, but if you don’t look after it, the material can start to look harsh and tired. One mum had finally had enough of her miserable-looking bed and decided to give it the TLC the bed needed with a magical makeover. The material she chose for the job — why, some cream crushed velvet, of course! Taking hold of the velvet and a staple gun, the DIY enthusiast weathered the stress she was feeling and completed the job. She did such a fantastic job that her mum asked her to work some of the same magic on her bed.

When it comes to revamping a bed or even a whole room, you can count on crushed velvet to deliver the goods. The soft material adds warm hues to the room and creates that all-important texture in a more neutrally decorated room. You can infuse the room with some depth, thanks to the velvet’s light-reflecting elements, and keep it cosy but inviting with bold tones.

Your home and furniture don’t have to look tired and giving it a makeover doesn’t have to cost the Earth. Seeking inspiration from others can allow you to make some big changes at a fraction of the cost, whether that’s a bed or a bathroom, and see you build a home you love and deserve.


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