Here’s what to know Before Buying Wi-Fi Router For Your Home

The use of the internet continues to grow and shape various aspects of human life. Wireless routers have continuously proven to be a credible source of reliable internet connection. Good wireless routers deliver reliably fast Wi-Fi alongside good coverage. However, picking such good routers is not necessarily a walk in the park thanks to the plethora of routers that exist in the marketplace. The creative marketing skills compound this by router manufacturers who tend to keep out the vital details by using acronyms, which may not be easily understood by prospective clients.

In most cases, the price or product name may not even give you a good impression of how good the router is. Therefore, it is essential to have specific properties of a router that you need to look for to acquire a suitable one. Here are some of those features. 

Multi-core processor capability and sizeable RAM

Routers are usually used by multiple people (devices) at a given time for streaming content, data backups, and file downloads, among others, which implies lots of data transfer to and from the internet. This requires them to have a high processing power to handle all this traffic effectively while providing quality service. Therefore, buying at least a dual-core computer enhances the performance of your internet connection by facilitating efficient data transfer by different users. The more the cores you have, the better the performance of your router or internet connection for that matter. Also, you should try to acquire a router with at least 256MB of RAM to facilitate faster processing of information.

Band size

Another point of consideration for choosing Google WiFi vs Orbi vs Eero vs Velop routers is their band size. You should check to ensure that your router is at least dual-band. This means that your router can broadcast wireless signals on two frequencies (for dual-band). This ensures that you get to use both old networking devices and the new ones, which increases your connectivity. Moreover, you get the option of connecting to Wi-Fi using more than one standard with a different network name and password. 

Verify the real-life speed of router before buying

While acquiring wireless routers, it is necessary to note that the specifications indicated do not usually show the real-life speed of the internet connections when you get to use it. Therefore, you can engage yourself in reading user and specialist reviews about the Wi-Fi router which you are interested in acquiring before making a purchase. Like any other business, router manufacturers will always want to make their routers look good in the public eye, which may usually result in overstating their advantages. Reading publications that use everyday computers enables you to get a good idea of what you are buying. 


Getting a quality Wi-Fi router enables you to get a high-end internet connection, which will improve your connectivity to the internet and enhance your online operations and activities. Therefore, it is crucial to know the different features that you can use to distinguish among Google WiFi vs Orbi vs Eero vs Velop routers so that you can get the most suitable one.  


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