Create a Fine Background Ambience with Pivot Passive iPhone Amplifier

Made by hand in America, Koostik‘s products are designed for enhancing the functionality and enjoyment of our Apple devices.  How? Very simple: by passively amplifying the volume output of the external speaker on our iPhone or iPad without any external power. They create a soft background ambiance that can fill a room with our favourite music or videos.

Exploring the principals of acoustics, those from Koostik really make some cool objects suitable for smaller, more intimate settings, rather than larger spaces.  Take for example one of their products called “Pivot”. It’s one of the designs we liked very much, being compatible with the latest versions of iPhone: iPhone 4, 4S and 5.



Specifically designed as a personal accessory for our iPhones, than as a replacement for home audio system, Pivot passive amplifier is a cleverly carved block of harwood which offers you two or four times the volume of your smarphone. Its attractive geometric shape features a phone dock where you can place your iPhone in both portrait or landscape mode. The Pivot works with no case as well as with many of the most popular cases, up to 1/2” thick. Whether you choose Hard Maple, Makore, Cherry or Walnut finish, your “Pivot” will  definitely be a natural compliment to your device.

Each piece is carefully hand crafted and beautifully finished, expressing a striking combination of simplicity, elegance, natural beauty with amazing function. Whether you are working in your office, or preparing meals in the kitchen, this small objects can be taken anywhere, being also idealy portable. Just turn on your favourite tunes on your iPhone and place it on the amplifier, and that’s all. Efortlessly and without electricity! It will be a very pleasant background presence that still allows for conversation. Have a look at the video at the end of this post to see how it works!




Walnut-Pivot Walnut-Pivot-01

Photos © Koostik


Pivot Passive iPhone Amplifier

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