Leather Sensuality and Lacquered Wood Coldness -Alix Sofa Limited Edition

Tilt, an internationally recognized graffiti artist, teamed up with Amaze workshops to create a remarkable, yet unusual and unexpected piece of furniture. Alix, as it is named, is an exclusive place dedicated to languor and dream, where graffiti art meets contemporary furniture design. Defined as a unique experience without compromise both in form and function, this unconventional modern sofa features curved shapes and sophisticated appearance, an original design approach that reveals the two sides of the creative idea.


Tilt‘s incredible creativity and imagination delivers a genuine work that  showcases black and white, chiaroscuro, line and curves, leather sensuality and the lacquered wood coldness. Made in France, the sofa is very stylish and of high quality, with an attractive composition of elements that creates a perfect sofa for various seating and lounge positions.

Seen from behind, the sofa displays an interesting graffiti artwork with a lot of white, while seen from the other site, it shows a totally different aspect, looking like a luxurious piece of furniture , with an inviting erotic edge. The bold monochrome palette intensifies the identically striking contrast of the clean wooden framework with the padded leather.



Photos © Amaze


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