Create a French-style home with these easy tips

The French are renowned for their style; it isn’t for nothing that millions of tourists flock to France every year and Paris is widely deemed one of the world’s fashion capitals.

It’s fair to say that French homes tend to skillfully combine both elegant and casual elements. So, the long-gone French monarchy and the modern French Republic, to use some rather political metaphors. Here are ways of helping yourself to strike just the right balance between the two.

Complement a giant wall clock with lovely linens

It’s “about time” – ahem – that you considered adding a big clock above your mantelpiece. It would provide a pleasant focal point – and you would be “half past” effectively complementing that clock’s look if you gave the same room a luxurious armchair with cushions featuring gold hints.

Doing all of this could certainly help you to “clock up” the glamour in this room. It might also be just “a matter of time” before you add a similarly striking coffee table, as Ideal Home advocates.

Experiment with bed coverings

If you have a white bedroom or, indeed, have recently painted a bedroom that colour, you should shift your attention to the bed to add fringed throws and layers of lace to it.

Aiming to cultivate a chateau-style bedroom? Then don’t be afraid to layer multiple white textures, such as through placing crunchy crocheted cotton on top of smooth bed linen. Adding crisp, broderie Anglais-edged pillowcases in abundance is another idea worth considering.

Take an “anti-decor” approach

Eager though you might be to learn style rules of French interior design, you could quickly be surprised to learn that… well, there aren’t always many rules.

Therefore, rather than consider – for example – what elements of style seem specific to Parisian circles, you could instead play around with the arrangements. You might like the idea ofincluding both portraits and furniture from a broad range of periods to throw up quirky juxtapositions.

Reuse, recycle and use other methods of sustainability


Recycling is something to which the French are surprisingly committed, ELLE Decor explains. These Gallic people certainly don’t shirk recycling responsibilitieswhen designing their homes…

There are various ways of making your decorating efforts more eco-friendly; for example, by sourcing pieces like vases and cupboards second hand. Meanwhile, bifold doors from Bifold Shop could let you replace artificial lighting with natural lighting and thus lower your carbon footprint.

Design your home to suit your lifestyle


The French aren’t silly enough to make a room look a certain way just because it looks nice. You might initially think that certain French interiors trulyprioritise style over practicality; however, you could be misled by how well they accommodate how people move through the room.

Ultimately, every aspect of a room – including its furniture and aesthetics – should serve a function. Furthermore, the decor should suit your own life and personality – and, of course, you ought to have a solid idea of what your life and personality are like!



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