Don’t Leave it to the Experts—Be Part of Designing Your Dream Home

It will be one of the most exciting projects of your life: Creating your dream home. But let’s be honest. It won’t be easy.

I found it daunting even before I met the architect, decorator and construction team. What if they don’t replicate what I see in my mind’s eye? I considered asking an online paper writer to help put my ideas into words. But contractors don’t have time to read that, simply to understand me better.

I actually needed to understand them better and be an active partner through the entire process. So I did my research and now I can share these tips with you.

Understand the Process


What do the contractors need from you? You don’t want to overwhelm them with unnecessary information all the time, because they may miss important details you want them to attend to.

Learn about the process they will follow. Now you can provide information and feedback at the suitable time. The process usually follows these guidelines:


  • A first meeting to discuss general expectations. You must provide your budget and showing photographs of your ideas is helpful.
  • A preliminary plan is put together, keeping your budget in mind. Here you can keep on giving ideas and feedback.
  • Plans are drawn up once you’re satisfied. As the picture evolves you can still ask for adjustments.
  • Specific items must be selected such as colors or décor.
  • For construction, all legal paperwork is done to get approval.
  • Construction starts. You can view progress, but don’t ask for changes in planning anymore.


Ready to get started now?

Use Apps

But how do you share your ideas with the experts? Luckily, the age of technology makes it easier. You’ll find many design apps you can use on your computer or Smartphone to:


  • Create 3D replications of your rooms
  • Help consider different layouts
  • Add decor or furniture to the 3D rooms to view the effect
  • Compare different color schemes

Make all your design mistakes on a virtual app, find the ideal solution and then print out your ideas for the contractors.

Mоѕt of thоѕе thingѕ will hаvе a cost, in either timе, money оr bоth. This is where you need to be on the lookout for the best loan and financing rates from reputable brokers or lenders such as NowLoan who search the market to find you the best rates without leaving any negative notes on your credit file.

Easy, right?


Look for Compatibility

Here’s an important tip for those first meetings. Use them as interviews, rather than feeling obligated to employ the expert immediately:

  • Do you feel comfortable sharing your ideas?
  • Does the person listen to your requirements?
  • Does the contractor have good communication skills?
  • Does his or her portfolio prove that your project will be a success when they take charge?


You’ll be working with these experts up close over a long period, so ensure they’re team players that will help you reach your goals.


When you know what’s coming it’s easy to become the perfect client. Because guess what. Contractors appreciate it when their clients are informed and prepared. It makes the process easier and maximizes the chance at satisfaction: They’ll love doing their jobs and you’ll love the final outcome.

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