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Here are 5 Reasons Having a Small Pool is Still Awesome

Many homeowners give up on the idea of getting their own pool simply because their backyard is not big enough. But don’t despair. Even if your backyard can’t fit a standard swimming pool, that doesn’t mean you have to give up on the idea. If there’s not enough room for a standard swimming pool, perhaps you should consider adding a custom swimming pool that can be made according to your specifications and accommodate your smaller backyard.


There are certainly drawbacks to having a smaller pool, but there are also a lot of benefits. Read on to find out how you can fit a custom pool into your backyard and enjoy an occasional dip this summer.

A Custom Pool for Your Needs

Do you plan to use the pool to exercise and stay fit or just to relax and enjoy the water? If you want a pool you can do laps in, an in-ground, single-lane pool will still give you plenty of space to exercise.


You could also consider adding a powerful swim jet. This way you could swim in place and reap all the benefits of exercising in your pool. If you plan on simply relaxing and cooling down during the hot summer days, your choices are much more open. Consult a custom pool designer to find out what design would best fit your backyard.


Smaller Pool Equals Less Maintenance

Would you believe that sometimes people get smaller pools even if they have enough space in their backyard? The reason is simple: having a smaller pool means having to take less care of it.

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This means you’ll have less area to cover when cleaning, meaning you’ll spend less time doing it. Having a smaller pool also means having to use fewer chemicals to balance the water. All in all, you can save a lot on chemicals, water, cleaning supplies and energy when owning a small pool.

Small Pools use Flexible Materials


Not that large pools are not built with quality materials, but with a smaller pool, your choices are limited. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Since most small pools use either vinyl or concrete, you’ll have more variety to choose from, as these materials are a lot more flexible than fiberglass. That means you can choose different styles and shapes using the material of your choice.

Small Pools Can Be Stylish


Since the pool will likely take up most of your backyard space, adding a stylish pool can really change the appearance of your backyard and your home as a whole. So if you’re not happy with your backyard for any reason, adding a pool as a remodeling project can help give it a complete makeover and increase your home’s curb appeal.

Small Pool Costs Less


We’ve already mentioned that you can save a lot on upkeep and maintenance with a smaller pool, but getting a smaller pool will cost you less from the start. Since a smaller pool uses fewer materials, its cost will also be lower. The same goes for installation. Getting a smaller pool will not only cost less, it will likely take less time as well. Meaning you could be enjoying your brand new pool in the summer of 2018, and not have to wait until next season.


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