Creating a Guest Room

If you have a spare bedroom in your house that is currently filled with junk and overflow items from other rooms, you may not realise that by making a few simple changes to the room you can easily restore it to its original purpose as a bedroom; having a guest room can be very handy, particularly if you have friends or family that live away from you.

You may think it would be expensive to alter the room to a guest room but cheap beds can easily be bought that will be perfectly suited to occasional use by guests. Cheap beds are often just as durable as more expensive varieties and can enable you to purchase a bed for your new room without breaking the bank; beds of all sizes and types can be found easily by searching for retailers online; look out for special offers before buying and you could save even
more money.

Photo: Kristen Rivoli Interior Design

Making the best use of space

If you live in an average sized house then chances are your guest room will be the smallest bedroom in the house; this room is often referred to as the box room. Just because the room is small does not mean your guests will not be comfortable during their sleep. A good solution to this problem is to carefully plan your room to ensure that you are getting the maximum amount of space out of the room.

You might like to consider a futon style bed that can easily be changed from a sofa into a bed when needed; this can come in a range of stylish designs and can help ensure you are left with the maximum amount of floor space available. If storage is going to be an issue then try to pick a bed that has a storage area built in; often this is in the form of large drawers that can be pulled out, with space inside to store away clothes, bedding and other items that take up space.

Photo: SB Architects

A welcome environment

A guest bedroom should be kept as free from clutter as possible in order to be inviting to your guest; it can be a nice touch to supply a few toiletries and a towel for them to use as they may have forgotten to bring this with them from home. Cheap beds can be jazzed up by using attractive bedding; neutral tones provide a warm and inviting atmosphere to the room. Hypoallergenic pillows are suitable for use by all
and mean that even if your guest has allergy problems they should still be able to enjoy a restful sleep.

A bedside lamp is a nice touch and gives them the opportunity to read before going to sleep if they wish. Or a high quality mattress is always welcomed as nothing worse than a cheap mattress. If you are keen to be a good host to your visiting friends or family then simply consider what you might need if you were
staying in someone else’s home and supply accordingly.

Photo: Thom Filicia Inc.

Photo: Lisa Benbow – Garnish Designs

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