Loopita Bonita: Outdoor Double Lounger with a Roller Coaster Look

If you want to ugrade your garden or swimming pool décor this summer and you’re looking for loungers that are anything but ordinary, then you should take a look at this fabulous lounge chair with a roller coaster look which will surely impress your friends and guests. Mexican industrial designer Victor M. Aleman came up with this super-creation for outdoors-“Loopita Bonita”- an unique curved seating ready to satisfy your needs during all hot summer days.

Its innovative and fresh design inspired by the looping roller coaster is quite amazing, transforming Loopita Bonita in a great conversation piece of furniture where you can stretch and relax while chating with someone next to you. The pair of comfortable cushions create a very soothing place where you can read or sunbathe under the sun making it a super nice and original outdoor piece of furniture which is also quite romantic.  Associated with fun, pleasure and the season of Summer, this wonderful concept would be a perfect addition to the poolside of any boutique hotel or spa.

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