Creating A Living Room That Oozes Luxury 

When you see those beautiful living rooms in popular interior design magazines, the first thing that comes to mind is the cost of redecorating. The living room is a really important room, since it’s where you entertain guests and spend a lot of time, but decorator services can be expensive to hire.

Those who choose to employ interior decorators spend an average of $6,000, inclusive of materials and labor. However, it really isn’t necessary to spend that much money in order to give your living room a fantastic makeover. With a few simple additions and a special attention to budgeting, you can really change the look and feel of your living room without breaking the bank.

The Power of Accessories

Pillows, drapes, baskets, coffee tables and vases are all examples of items which can spice up your living room in no time. Fun colors, prints, or ethnic patterns can instantly give your living room a different feel.

Furthermore, sometimes you can pick up these at department stores for even less than you would imagine. If you’re not a fan of department store accessories, you could visit your local thrift store to find genuine vintage items to purchase at an accessible cost. Also look out for garage sales, which not only help you decorate on a budget but also help save the environment by reusing second-hand objects.

Try Handmade Crafts

You can get many lovely handmade items from markets or stalls on the streets; especially if you’re into traveling, this will give you the opportunity to purchase different local items on your travels, which will give a lovely exotic feel to your living room while also helping the local economy. Look for picture frames, woven baskets, paintings and other items to make your living room a unique and culturally diverse place. You could even create a sort of art-gallery, showcasing pieces from all over the world!

If you’re particularly artistic, you could even try to make your own furniture and decorations. Do you have an old music tripod lying around from your clarinet-playing days? You can convert that into a beautiful tripod lamp! You could even consider making your own pillows and rugs to really give your living room a personal feel.

As you can see, redecorating your living room doesn’t have to be an impossibly expensive project. With a bit of careful planning and creativity you can decorate the living room of your dreams while staying within your budget.



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